Woodland Park Cemetery Project with Chronicle: Digitizing Cemetery’s History

Woodland Park Cemetery Chronicle Cemetery Software

Nestled in the heart of Woodland Park, Colorado, the Woodland Park Cemetery, a historical gem, faces a unique challenge as it runs out of space to accommodate the town’s departed residents. This serene burial ground, often overlooked by passersby, has been a final resting place for pioneers, beloved community members, and even boasts an intriguing tale involving a fugitive’s motorcycle. Lately, the cemetery underwent a digital preservation highlighting the harmonious blend of tradition and technology, as featured in the regional news outlet, the Gazette.

Preserving History and Modernizing the Cemetery

Woodland Park Cemetery

Woodland Park Cemetery is not only a testament to the town’s rich history but also a repository of local folklore. Among these tales is the story that the infamous Jim Hood, sought by the FBI, was laid to rest here, motorcycle and all. While such legends add to the cemetery’s mystique, a recent project seeks to unveil the truth while addressing the imminent space crisis.

Established in 1891, the cemetery has seen generations come and go, with approximately 66% of its land developed and 80% of plots already sold. To secure resting places for future generations while preserving the past, modern technology came to the rescue.

Innovative Solutions and Future Prospects

Woodland Park Cemetery Chronicle

In early 2021, the city embarked on a geophysical land survey, temporarily halting the sale of new plots. This project was under the partnership between Woodland Park Cemetery, with Meyer Land Surveying, and Chronicle cemetery management software.

The team wasted no time in employing drones, advanced surveying techniques, and ground-penetrating radar. Then, they transformed the data into the online platform of Chronicle, presented as an interactive aerial map of the cemetery. This effort was made to anticipate selling new plots in fall 2021, providing a more streamlined service for the community. Check the Woodland Park Cemetery on Chronicle Map here.

This innovative effort is expected to provide better administrative services with a comprehensive understanding of the cemetery’s hidden features. Not only that it helps the management aspect of the cemetery, the community can also access this platform in order to search for their loved ones records, submit online memorials, and buying plots for pre-need purposes.

Woodland Park Cemetery embraces a future that honors its past, and other cemeteries should follow this milestone. At Chronicle, this is the shared vision that we want to accomplish by partnering with cemeteries around the world. If you want to create your own online version of your cemetery, Chronicle can help you pave the way. Book a demo today, and embark on the new journey.

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