West Point Cemetery’s Journey: Cemetery Digitisation with Chronicle

west point cemetery's journey

West Point Cemetery's Journey in Digitising their Cemetery with Chronicle

West Point Cemetery is located in West Point, Utah. It serves as the final resting place for numerous individuals and holds a significant historical and cultural value within the community. Let us learn more about West Point Cemetery’s journey in digitising their cemetery with Chronicle.

  • One notable aspect of West Point Cemetery is its strong connection to veterans. The cemetery is home to a large number of veteran interments, honoring and commemorating veterans adds to the cemetery’s significance and contributes to its unique character.
  • In the past, West Point Cemetery relied on non-cloud-based software for managing its records and maps. Therefore, the decision was made to digitise and upgrade the cemetery’s operations.
  • With the implementation of an advanced cemetery management system, West Point Cemetery now offers an interactive digital map, providing visitors with a feature to navigate the cemetery grounds and locate specific gravesites. 
  • By utilizing the Chronicle platform, the cemetery can showcase the veteran status of interred individuals through the Custom Field feature. This feature highlights the unique contributions and sacrifices made by veterans, creating a powerful tribute within the digital landscape of the cemetery.
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