West Point City Cemetery: Utilising Online Platform to Honour Veterans and Their Legacies

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Nestled in the heart of West Point, Utah, West Point Cemetery boasts a significant history, with approximately 1,400 burials and over 3,380 total graves. With an average of 28 new burials each year, the need for a streamlined and efficient operation becomes increasingly crucial to ensure accurate and secure record-keeping. Hence, the cemetery recognised the importance of implementing a comprehensive system that could handle the growing volume of records. To address this challenge, West Point Cemetery made the decision to partner with Chronicle to provide cemetery management solutions.

A Need for Change

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West Point Cemetery faced limitations with their previous non-cloud-based cemetery management software, which lacked modern features. In their search for a solution, they came across Chronicle. What made Chronicle stand out was its modern features, and integrated platform, offering a cloud-based infrastructure and an intuitive interface that can be accessed easily on desktop, tablet, and smartphone at any time. This made it the ideal choice for the cemetery to enhance its services for the community. One feature that caught their attention was Chronicle’s cemetery digital map, enabling visitors to locate veteran plots and navigate the cemetery easily with the GPS-guided Walk-to-Grave feature.

To migrate to Chronicle as quickly as possible, the cemetery needed approval from the City Manager. Katie, the Deputy City Recorder, and Casey, the City Recorder and Cemetery Administrator, were incredibly determined to expedite the process and negotiate the project agreement with Chronicle. They were especially proactive when the City Attorney suggested changes and negotiations with Chronicle regarding the SaaS Agreements. Chronicle willingly accommodated these adjustments, demonstrating their commitment to the partnership.

Embarking on the Digitisation Journey

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To begin with digitisation, West Point Cemetery had to provide essential data to Chronicle, including the most recent cemetery records and maps or diagrams of the cemetery files. Notably, the cemetery already had a dedicated staff member equipped with a drone, enabling them to capture aerial imagery of the cemetery by themselves and make the process go faster. A collaborative effort ensued, ensuring that the quality of the aerial imagery met the exacting standards set by Chronicle. It was a relatively smooth process, with only minor adjustments required to finalise the aerial imagery.

Subsequently, The next phase involved a comprehensive data consolidation process, which required meticulous attention to detail and close collaboration between the cemetery staff and the Chronicle team. This endeavour demanded meticulous attention to detail and necessitated a collaborative approach between the cemetery staff and the Chronicle team to minimise inaccuracies and errors throughout the data consolidation process. Working closely together, the Chronicle team and the cemetery staff validated and cross-referenced the data, rectifying any discrepancies and fortifying the overall integrity of the records. Furthermore, West Point Cemetery was provided with an opportunity to review and suggest any desired changes to the software utilities and cemetery records within 30 days. This constructive dialogue between the parties culminated in a mutual agreement, paving the way for the cemetery to transition to the live digitised system.

Revolutionising Cemetery Operations

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Since its launch in March 2023, West Point Cemetery has seamlessly transitioned into a live environment, allowing the public to effortlessly access their loved one’s information and details through the user-friendly Chronicle platform. Chronicle continues to demonstrate unwavering support by assisting the cemetery in inputting data and provided comprehensive training sessions for the staff.

Notably, Chronicle introduced the Custom Fields feature, enabling the cemetery to display veteran-specific details such as the branches of the military and the wars served. Moreover, West Point Cemetery but has also initiated plans to involve a full High School class as volunteers, who will take headstone photos in the cemetery and upload them to the Chronicle platform. This collective effort ensures the preservation of historical information while providing valuable hands-on experience in cemetery management for students.

Furthermore, through the Life Chronicle feature on the Chronicle platform, West Point Cemetery also encourages its community to create online memorials for their loved ones. This interactive space allows families to share stories, pictures, and even videos, enabling others to commemorate the lives of their loved ones. Additionally, the cemetery is exploring the potential of leveraging Chronicle’s platform to facilitate plot sales. By providing an online platform for prospective plot purchasers, West Point Cemetery can streamline the process and deliver enhanced services to the public.

West Point Cemetery’s case study serves as an inspiration for other cemeteries looking to embark on their own digitisation journey. By embracing Chronicle’s innovative platform, cemeteries can revolutionise their management practices and unlock a multitude of benefits. Furthermore, you can also start bringing benefits to your cemetery and community, just like what West Point Cemetery did with Chronicle. So, join the growing community of forward-thinking cemeteries and partner with Chronicle today to unlock the transformative potential of digitisation.

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