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From Frustration to Functionality: Finding Digital Solutions to Cemetery Challenges

Lisa Carey from Union Cemetery in Pennsylvania joining and sharing her journey of finding suitable digital solutions for her cemetery operations, all the way until pushing the first phase of her digital cemetery live on Chronicle.

Host: Rocky Ahmann
Guest: Lisa Carey, Union Cemetery, PA.

Digitizing Your Cemetery: Getting Your Records Ready for a Seamless Online Transition

In this second part of the series, we talked about how to get cemetery records optimized for the digitizing process.

Host: Rocky Ahmann
Guest: Lisa Carey, Union Cemetery, PA.

Maximizing Cemetery Efficiency with Digital Mapping

In this third part of the series, we turned our focus to how digital mapping can dramatically boost cemetery efficiency.

Host: Rocky Ahmann
Guest: Katie Hansen, West Point City Cemetery, UT.

Choosing the Right Solution: Advanced vs Standard Mapping for Cemetery Management

In this fourth part of the series, we talked about how to recognize between Standard and Advance Mapping for your solution. 

Host: Rocky Ahmann
Guest: Janet Ellsworth, Palisado Cemetery, CT.

Digital Cemetery Project: A Checklist from Planning to Pre-launch

In this fifth part of the series, we talked about the process of digitizing your cemetery before, during, and after the project.

Host: Rocky Ahmann
Guest: Shawn Scott, Marengo Cemetery, Town of Marengo, IN.

Connecting Communities: Strategies for Public Access to Cemetery Data

In this sixth and final part of the series, we delved into the topic of preparing the public access to cemetery online data and how it can improve your community engagement.

Host: Rocky Ahmann
Guest: Daryl Girnus, Grand Army of the Republic Cemetery, WA.