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Discover how our customers are making cemetery management easier and honoring memories with interactive maps and record keeping tools.

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How we digitize your cemeteries - In a nutshell

Curious about what we do? Check out this video and get insights on how to create a digital mirror of your cemetery with Chronicle.

Customer Success Stories

Michael, Director of Operations at Sacred Heart Catholic Cemetery, explores the new way to encourage families to reminisce their loved ones in a more meaningful way with Chronicle cemetery software.

Daryl, Cemetery Manager at the Grand Army of the Republic Cemetery Snohomish, happily shares his experience with Chronicle cemetery software in engaging the local communities with the cemetery.

James Dunn Testimonial - Auckland Memorial Park and Cemetery

James, the Operations Manager at Auckland Memorial Park and Cemetery, shares his positive experience in transitioning from their old records methods to Chronicle cemetery software system.

Lorreen, Senior Library Officer at the Shire of Kojonup, expresses how Chronicle provides convenience for the members of the public to search deceased records of their loved ones.

Simon, Deputy CEO at the Shire of Beverley, explains how Chronicle serves as one source of truth for operational efficiency and public access to cemetery deceased records.

Sandy, Business Intelligence at Murray River Council, shares her experience working with Chronicle for digitizing their cemeteries, resulting in achieving a local award.

Cemetery Mapping Software - Survey

Mapping Project - Artesia Cemetery

Gain insights into how the Artesia Cemetery achieved detailed and accurate plot mapping with Chronicle’s advanced survey tools.

3D Virtual Cemeteries

Creating virtual cemeteries

Experience the future of cemetery visits with Chronicle’s upcoming 3D virtual tour feature, offering an immersive way to explore and remember loved ones.

Highlight Features

Life Chronicle

2302 Introducing: Life Chronicle

Share inspiring life stories of your loved ones with Life Chronicle online memorial feature. Provide families with comfort to share stories to be read for future generations.


Chronicle Cemetery Software Storytelling Video (March 23) - With Subtitle

 Navigate cemeteries with ease using Walk-to-Grave, a GPS-guided feature that direct you to the exact location of your loved one’s grave.