The Digital Transformation of Tahlequah City Cemetery

Tahlequah City Cemetery

Chronicle is on the news (again!). This time, we are recognized by the Tahlequah Daily Press for our innovative efforts to digitize the Tahlequah City Cemetery, which we have been passionately working on. This project, a harmonious blend of history and modern technology, is set to transform the way the community and researchers connect with the past.

The Need for Change

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Board members and visitors, who hold the memories of their ancestors close, have long felt the need for improvements. The physical sign at the cemetery’s entrance is showing its age, and the previously interactive map on the city’s website is now a relic, unavailable on the new platform.

The city, in response to this call to action, is not merely updating but revolutionizing the way we interact with the cemetery’s records. Through collaboration with Chronicle, we are in the process of creating a modern, interactive map that will bring the cemetery’s 30-acre expanse to the screens of individuals worldwide.

A Digital Leap Forward

cemetery digitization tahlequah

This initiative aims to make the search for ancestors and loved ones a seamless experience, providing detailed information with just a click. Users will be able to view drone-captured footage, access the walk-to-grave feature, and explore the history of the cemetery’s residents with ease.

Our partnership with the cemetery has led to the development of a user-friendly digital map that is both informative and easy to navigate. Jennifer Cruwell, the cemetery coordinator, has been integral to this project to ensure accurate and thorough record-keeping. This new digital solution will not only simplify the process of finding grave locations but also assist those looking to purchase plots, all with the convenience of using their personal devices. The Chronicle map is a step forward in connecting the community to its heritage while maintaining the respect and dignity of the Tahlequah City Cemetery.

As we anticipate the unveiling of the interactive map, we reflect on the importance of honoring our past while embracing the technology of the future. The Tahlequah City Cemetery’s upgrades demonstrates the city’s commitment to its heritage and the community’s bond with its ancestors. You can also join this trend for the cemeteries you currently manage. Learn more about what you will get from cemetery digitization by talking to us!

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