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Thinking about upgrading your cemetery software?

Your cemetery may be historic, but your software shouldn’t be.

We often hear about issues from new customers about their old software. These include:

  • Software accessible from only on computer.
  • Clunky interfaces, requiring too many clicks.
  • Minimal software improvements, only twice a year.
  • No public access to services like deceased search.
  • Slow and unhelpful customer support.

Have the same problems? It’s time to make the switch to Chronicle!

With our free database migration exclusive offer, moving your data has never been easier. Discover how Chronicle can help you save costs, enhance functionality, and provide unparalleled support.

Why choose Chronicle?

  • Latest Technology: Upgrade to the newest cemetery software, fully cloud-based. Our software is available at any time from any device. 
  • 20h/5d Support: Unlike other software that doesn’t offer fast phone or email support, our dedicated team is available 20h/5d to answer your calls.
  • Regular Improvements & Updates: We listen to our customer’s requests and improve our software quality continuously. Every two weeks, you’ll have new upgrades to the software.
  • High-Quality Mapping: We don’t brag too often, but everyone tells us our cemetery mapping services are the best in the industry. It’s accurate, high-definition, and fully interactive!
  • Public Access: Families and the community can use our software to easily search for deceased individuals, write online memorials, and buy plots at your cemetery.

Don't take our word for it

Daryl, Cemetery Manager at the Grand Army of the Republic Cemetery Snohomish

Michael, Director of Operations at Sacred Heart Catholic Cemetery

Limited-Time Offer: Free Migration and More!

Free Database Migration

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Tailored Migration Plan for a Seamless Transition

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2. Migration Plan

3. Data Transfer

4. Onboarding and Training

Be Part of the Community that Leaves Pontem, SRS, Stone Orchard, LegacyMark, and Others for Chronicle.

Frequently Asked Questions

We will import your data from other cemetery software into Chronicle at no cost as a part of your digitization project with us. Once you have a digital cemetery at Chronicle, you also have the choice to make it accessible online for the public.

  1. You’ll need to provide your cemetery data from your current software, in its original format or as an Excel file. Then, we’ll convert and upload your data to the Chronicle platform.
  2. We will create an exact copy of your current data without making improvements, meaning any existing mistakes or inaccuracies will be carried over.
  3. We’ll review your data and assess its complexity. If we find your data to be highly disorganized, with large files that are difficult to import, we may have to decline the free import service.*
  4. Your current digital mapping may also be eligible for a free migration. However, digital maps can differ a lot in quality and compatibility. Therefore, we need to perform assessment for each free digital mapping migration request to see if it qualifies.*
To determine if your data and maps qualify for our free migration scheme, please fill in the form below.

Our free migration plan is designed to improve your experience with Chronicle, keeping your data and digital map quality the same or better on our software. We do this by making minor adjustment to your data for better compatibility with our software. As a result, your move from your old system to Chronicle is smoother and quicker.

There’s no trick here. But you should know we won’t change or fix your existing data. We simply make an exact copy of it. This means any errors or inaccuracies in your records will be moved too. 

These might not affect your everyday tasks. Yet, we usually spend a lot of time correcting the records we get.

If you choose our free migration service, we won’t adjust your data. However, you can make these changes yourself, or renew your data and mapping with Chronicle survey service.

Importing your data is normally part of our pricing. Yet, we offer it for free when you move to Chronicle from your old software. Other components like mapping, digitization, and annual software fee come with their own costs. We will make the pricing clear to you at the beginning.

Typically, the cost is similar to what you’re currently paying.

Please fill in the form below so we can assess your current cemetery project and assist you further.

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