Smart Tech Tool – A Guide to Grave of Loved Ones

Narrogin Observer Shire of Boddington

The Narrogin Observer highlighted a special project between the Shire of Boddington and Chronicle. The collaboration is bringing the power of technology to the deeply personal act of remembering departed loved ones.

Check out the key points of the news in our infographic:

  • Boddington cemeteries are going digital with Chronicle’s innovative system.
  • People can now link online obituaries to the physical resting places of their loved ones.
  • Chronicle’s technology offers direct navigation to graves, letting visitors access on-site stories about the deceased.
  • The project, inspired by the personal experiences of Chronicle’s CEO, has digitized around 300 cemeteries so far.
  • The digitization process takes about three months from start to finish, marking a significant move towards modernizing cemetery visits and experiences.
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