Chronicle The History Of Your Community

Chronicle Stories uncovers the buried history of your community.

Chronicle allows members of the public to access interesting stories as they walk through your cemetery. While walking, as they find a headstone they want to learn more about, they can use their smartphone to read the life story of the person they are physically standing with. We combine historic stories with the present day by guiding people to the physical resting place of their family member or interesting community member.

The stories held within a cemetery not only describe someone’s life, but they also describe the local history of the community.

With Chronicle Stories we create a link to between the important stories from our history and the physical touch and feel of the present day.

Chronicle allows cemetery administrators to create a Story for each interment (burial or ashes) directly through their online cemetery management portal. They can add text, photos and videos to tell a rich story. Members of the public can submit a story to the cemetery administrator for review and publication.

A Story can be identified by the small book icon overlaid on the plot in the map window. 

Features include:

  • Administrators can easily create a story for each plot
  • Stories are identified by a book overlay on the map view
  • Include photos, videos and text in your story
  • Accessible for the public as they walk through your cemetery
  • Anyone can access the stories on any device, from any location

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