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Chronicle has revolutionised cemetery
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At Chronicle, we pride ourselves on providing a service to tell the life story of the community and those individuals that have made it what it is today.

The local cemetery is where our loved ones are laid to rest. Serving as a place of memory, history, and, ultimately, peace

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Free ebook: How Cemeteries Benefit from Efficient Return Of Investment of a Cemetery ​

Are you a cemetery operator or working for a cemetery trust or council? Have you been wondering how to boost sales, improve customer service, and increase efficiency in your cemetery administrations (and how to make your tasks easier)? This e-book will be useful for you. Read more >
NSW Interment Scheme Webinar

An Introduction: The NSW Interment Industry Scheme

we’ll be delving into the Interment Industry Scheme that is now starting to be rolled out in NSW. The Scheme will impact all operators of cemeteries in NSW, bringing licensing requirements to the sector
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Digitising Your Cemetery: A Step-by-Step Guide to Modern Operations and Funding Options

Digitising Your Cemetery: A Step-by-Step Guide to Modern Operations and Funding Options

In this webinar, you'll explore innovative strategies for efficient cemetery operation and navigate the grant procurement process led by our experienced Chronicle team.
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Digital Cemetery Project: A Checklist from Planning to Pre-launch

Part 5 of 6 [Chronicle Webinar Series] Digital Cemetery Project: A Checklist from Planning to Pre-launch

Learn more about the process of digitizing your cemetery before, during, and after the project.
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Chronicle Dig-Up 2023 Year in Review

Chronicle Dig-Up 2023: Year in Review

Chronicle Dig-Up 2023 Year in Review is a book we write every year. It tells about our work with amazing individuals and communities and how we use technology to remember people who have passed away.
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Narrogin Observer Shire of Boddington

Smart Tech Tool – A Guide to Grave of Loved Ones

The Narrogin Observer highlighted a special project between the Shire of Boddington and Chronicle. The collaboration is bringing the power of technology to the deeply personal act of remembering departed loved ones.
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west point cemetery's journey

West Point Cemetery’s Journey: Cemetery Digitisation with Chronicle

It serves as the final resting place for numerous individuals and holds a significant historical and cultural value within the community. Let us learn more about West Point Cemetery's journey in digitising their cemetery with Chronicle.
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Commemorating Memorial Day Events with Digital Technology

Commemorating Memorial Day Events with Digital Technology

Digital technology, through cemetery software, can bring you benefits for commemorating Memorial Day. Read to learn more.
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5 Ways to Commemorate Anzac Da and Celebrating SA's History Festival at Your Cemetery

5 Ways to Commemorate Anzac Day and Celebrate SA’s History Festival at Your Cemetery

Anzac Day is an important day in Australia and New Zealand. Let's use these 5 ways to remember our heroes and their stories with digital tools.
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Cemetery Mapping Techniques: Drawing Plots vs. Dropping Pins

Between drawing plots and dropping pins, which one of cemetery mapping techniques is better? Read the complete explanation here.
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Case Study

west point cemetery illustration pic 1

West Point City Cemetery: Utilising Online Platform to Honour Veterans and Their Legacies

Located West Point, Utah, West Point Cemetery boasts a significant history, with approximately 1,400 burials, over 3,380 total graves, and an average of 28 new burials each year, the need for a streamlined and efficient operation becomes increasingly crucial to ensure accurate and secure record-keeping.
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shire of beverley

Shire of Beverley: Digitising Cemeteries for Work Efficiency and Reducing Risks

Discover how the Shire of Beverley worked closely with Chronicle to digitize their cemeteries. The collaborative effort resulted in accurate and reliable data, a comprehensive digital map, and increased accessibility to the community.
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shire of kojonup

Shire of Kojonup: The First Cemeteries in Western Australia Digitised by Chronicle

Discover how digitisation transformed the Shire of Kojonup cemeteries in Western Australia, improving the management of burial and plot records. Learn about the process involved in digitising the cemeteries, the benefits it provided for families and visitors, and the collaboration with Chronicle.
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Frequently Asked

We feel that it is best indication of the likely activity within the Chronicle app for records management and public usage. It is also an indication of cemetery size. These considerations help us determine the likely storage, computing and support requirements.

We count an interment as adding any new interment type (burial, cremation, etc) whose interment date is within your subscription period. Your subscription period is monthly or yearly and commences from when you first sign up to Chronicle.

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