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Chronicle has revolutionised cemetery
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At Chronicle, we pride ourselves on providing a service to tell the life story of the community and those individuals that have made it what it is today.

The local cemetery is where our loved ones are laid to rest. Serving as a place of memory, history, and, ultimately, peace

Case Study

Cootamundra Gundagai Council Cemetery

Digitising Legacy – Cootamundra Gundagai Regional Council New South Wales (NSW)

Map and records search: Cootamundra Gundagai Regional Cemetery Digitalised cemetery records Physical survey of the cemetery grounds Interactive online cemetery map 24/7 online access to plot/cemetery information Customised database management solutions
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Digitising Murray River Council Cemeteries – Better Engagement with the Community

For the Murray River Council in Australia, digitising their 6 cemeteries smoothly and accurately was completed in just 3 months. Understanding the needs of their community and their own requirements, they collaborated with Chronicle to produce an innovative and creative solution for their needs and standards.
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Paths to Progress – How Municipal Cemeteries Digitised their Processes

It has taken a global pandemic for governments to realise just how much cemetery records and maps can be digitised and simplified using appropriate platforms. However, some sectors tend to lag behind in the wake of progress - municipal cemeteries.
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cemetery software funeral industry

The Role of Cemetery Software in the Funeral Industry

The role of cemetery software in the funeral industry especially in the cemetery operations and various aspects of cemetery management
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Event and Work Orders Admin Tools: New Chronicle Cemetery Software Feature

Our latest update feature that allows you to create and manage your cemetery’s events and work orders easily and efficiently.
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Spot On – A Complete Guide to Cemetery Mapping

The digital revolution has not forgotten cemeteries. There are options to consider if you’re thinking of digitising your cemetery and simplifying your process while ensuring accurate mapping.
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Frequently Asked

We feel that it is best indication of the likely activity within the Chronicle app for records management and public usage. It is also an indication of cemetery size. These considerations help us determine the likely storage, computing and support requirements.

We count an interment as adding any new interment type (burial, cremation, etc) whose interment date is within your subscription period. Your subscription period is monthly or yearly and commences from when you first sign up to Chronicle.

Webinar Recording: Cemetery Design in 21st Century

Chronicle webinar "cemetery design in 21st century - Making meaningful cemetery experiences for an ecological ages" with guest speaker Kevin Hartley (CEO of Earth Funeral) and David Neustin (Director of Other Architects)
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Webinar Recording: Digitizing Municipal Cemeteries

Chronicle webinar "digitizing municipal cemeteries in collaborative host with ELGL and guest speaker Angela Belus from Riverview Cemetery and Virginia Smith from City of Clarkdale
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Webinar Recording: Exploring the Decision of Cemetery Software Solutions

Chronicle webinar "exploring the decision between in-house and external cemetery software solutions with guest speaker Sandy Paterson from Murray River Council
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