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Chronicle has helped 200+ cemeteries worldwide efficiently manage their records online.

We published numerous case studies and content around cemetery management based on our experiences.


Read these infographics to learn quickly how we work for the communities.

Chronicle Dig-Up 2023 Year in Review

Chronicle Dig-Up 2023: Year in Review

Chronicle Dig-Up 2023 Year in Review is a book we write every year. It tells about our work with amazing individuals and communities and how we use technology to remember
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Narrogin Observer Shire of Boddington

Smart Tech Tool – A Guide to Grave of Loved Ones

The Narrogin Observer highlighted a special project between the Shire of Boddington and Chronicle. The collaboration is bringing the power of technology to the deeply personal act of remembering departed
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west point cemetery's journey

West Point Cemetery’s Journey: Cemetery Digitisation with Chronicle

It serves as the final resting place for numerous individuals and holds a significant historical and cultural value within the community. Let us learn more about West Point Cemetery's journey
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jewish cemetery of the virginia peninsula

Jewish Cemetery of the Virginia Peninsula: Fostering the legacy of religious community

Jewish Cemetery of the Virginia Peninsula fosters the local Jewish community's legacy by digitising their cemetery records. Learn more here.
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battle creek memorial park

Battle Creek Memorial Park: Digitisation to preserve community history

Battle Creek Memorial Park digitised its three cemeteries with Chronicle to preserve their community history. Learn more in this infographic.
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Preserving multiple cemeteries under the Archdiocese of Hobart for their rich community histories

Chronicle helped to digitise 47 of the Archdiocese of Hobart’s catholic cemeteries under 37 parishes. Read our journey in this infographic.
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