Cemetery Partner Referral Program

Thank you for being an integral part of Chronicle’s journey

Our success is built on the incredible support and trust from our partner cemeteries at Cemetery Trusts, Councils, Municipalities, and Community Organizations. To show our appreciation, we are thrilled to introduce the Chronicle Cemetery Partner Referral Program. This program is our way of recognizing and rewarding you for spreading the word about Chronicle.

How It Works

  1. Introduce Chronicle to Other Cemetery Operators.
    All we need is for you to send an intro email to other cemetery operators and cc.:

Hi <name>, hope all is well.

Just dropping some information that you might be interested in. We have been on a digitizing journey for our cemeteries in <cemetery organization> and it’s been a delight. I recommend you to check out and make an enquiry. They can show you a demo and prepare a quote.

So far I found it rewarding because <insert factors why you recommend Chronicle: affordable and transparent pricing, simple solution, great customer support, etc.>

Let me know if you need more explanation and I can have someone from Chronicle to get in touch with you.

<your name>

  1. Confirmation and Updates:
    • We will reply to you to confirm that we have received your recommendation.
    • We will keep you updated if the deal with the person you referred to us has made progress.


You may choose between receiving Chronicle credits valued at $300 or directing a $200 donation to a foundation or organisation of your choice.

    • Chronicle credits can be used towards various Chronicle services and add-ons such as map edits, aerial photograph updates, signage design, columbarium or niche wall display updates.
    • Donations will be made in the name of the participant to an eligible foundation or organisation that is a registered charity.

Top referrers will also be recognized in our monthly newsletters.

Why Refer?

Your support has helped us grow, and we want to give back. By referring Chronicle, you:

  • Help Digitize More Cemeteries: Extend the benefits of Chronicle to more organizations.
  • Strengthen Our Community: Build a network of innovative and forward-thinking cemeteries.
  • Earn Rewards and Recognition: Enjoy rewards that you can use to fund your online cemetery project and recognition for your contributions.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can refer any cemetery trust, council, or community organization that might benefit from Chronicle.

You’ll receive emails and updates from our Community Team.

There’s no limit! The more successful referrals you make, the more rewards you earn.

Got any other questions?

You can contact us anytime at

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