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Aerial mapping and cemetery surveying

Visually stunning – Chronicle prioritises accuracy, producing a map with precise locations of each headstone and plot, with high quality satellite imaging as a background overlay.

Create shareable digital maps from old cemetery diagrams

We create a digital cemetery diagram with plots linked to relevant records for upload to Chronicle – safe, secure, shareable.

Transform paper ledgers into lasting digital records

Keeping records safe from damage and time – save time and space by sending us your scanned paper ledgers and we will transcribe them to digital records for you.

Cemetery Consultant

It’s not easy operating a cemetery. If you are facing some difficult strategic decisions, designing a section or implementing new processes, you might benefit from our experience. 

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Commonly asked questions

The setup price can vary depending on the quality of the records that you supply to us.
To get started we need to create your digital cemetery, including converting records, designing the plots, building the relationships and creating a background map.
Our standard prices are $900 for the first 1,000 records and an additional $450 for every 1,000 records thereafter.

Our mission is to enhance our connection to our ancestors. Therefore, we need the custodians of our historic information, the cemeteries, to safely keep accurate records and to share their public registry online. We recognise that small cemeteries with few interments, that are managed by volunteers, are often not able to afford cemetery software. We offer Chronicle Basic for these cemeteries.

We have an upfront fee and an annual license fee. For example, if you are a cemetery with 2,600 records and 32 interments per year, then our fee is $1,250 upfront + $720 per year.
Note: The upfront fee can vary depending on the quality of the information that we are supplied.

We believe that cemetery records should easily available for the public and that all cemeteries should have affordable access to the latest software. Using the number of annual interments to determine our pricing allows Chronicle to equally serve small remote cemeteries and large urban cemeteries.

We count an interment as adding any new interment type (burial, cremation, etc) whose interment date is within your subscription period. Your subscription period is monthly or yearly and commences from when you first sign up to Chronicle.

You can send your data in most common formats. The most common records formats we receive are MS Excel and MS Access. Usually we can import records from other cemetery management software too.

You can also send us any CAD or GIS file formats such as dxf, shp, geojson, etc.

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