OVIC Regulations Update and How Chronicle Helps

Learn how to comply with OVIC regulations and what you can get from working with Chronicle

The Office of the Victorian Information Commissioner’s (OVIC) Protective Data Security Plan (PDSP) is a vital document containing 14 comprehensive requirements. These requirements serve to guide Cemetery Trusts in managing their information in a consistent and secure manner.

The PDSP is much more than a bureaucratic formality – it provides a robust framework to ensure the highest standards of data protection and integrity. Recognising the critical role this plays in managing sensitive information effectively, OVIC has made it a prerequisite for all Cemetery Trusts to adhere to these standards.

To support your Trust in achieving compliance with these standards, we hosted a specially designed webinar titled “OVIC Regulations and How Chronicle Helps Compliance.”

During this webinar, we covered the following topics:

  • Understanding the updated OVIC regulation and its implications
  • Explaining how our software can help address the specific points outlined in the regulation
  • Exploring the tailored features of Chronicle that cater to the unique needs of cemeteries.

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