Online Public Access
for Cemetery Visitors

Chronicle enables your community to independently access information about their loved ones online from your cemetery with the online public access.

All information is accessible through any mobile device, such as a desktop, tablet, and smartphone.

A Mobile-Friendly and Easy-to-Use
Cemetery Software

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Saving Time & Energy

Interactive Features

Your community no longer needs to go to the cemetery administrators to ask about the location and information about the interred. With just one click away, your community can get the details about their loved ones from their smartphone.

Cemetery, plots, and interred details are publicly accessible through the Chronicle online platform, saving you time and energy. Your community does not need to wait for cemetery administrators to search the information about the buried or plots from piles of printed records or outdated spreadsheets. 

Chronicle provides your community with advanced features tailored for specific purposes. From learning the history of the buried to requesting to purchase available plots, your community can access information and purchase plots independently through Chronicle’s integrated system.

Interactive Features
for Public to Use

What Our Customers Have to Say

(Frequently Asked Question)

The public can view the cemetery details such as contact information, the cemetery’s profile, pictures, and location.

The public can view the colour-coded plot status, the location of the plot, headstone photos, and the plot details containing the interred information. They can also use the plot purchase request feature to reserve available plots. In addition, the public can download PDF reports of the plots or share the URL of the plots with others.

The public can view the name of the interred, birth and interred date, age, and plot location. They can also use the walk-to-grave feature to locate the plot location using GPS. They can read the stories and create and read a Life Chronicle of the interred. By using the Historic Walking Tour, the public can read the stories and legacies of their community through the cemetery.

No, the public cannot edit or modify the information about the interred, the plot, and the cemetery directly, but they can inform the cemetery administrators should there any change needs to be made of an interred information.

It is very simple to do. There is no need for the public to log in or create an account. They just need to open and type in the cemetery’s name on the search bar. Then, they need to type in the name of the deceased on the search bar, and the name of the deceased they are looking for will appear on the search result. Click on the deceased’s name, which will show the deceased records on the left sidebar.

Contact the cemetery administrator, and state the incorrect information that needs to be updated.

The cemetery can change the access of their online cemetery from public to private and vice versa. Check this instruction for more details.