Notes from the CCASA Information Forum 2022: Challenges and Opportunities for Cemeteries in South Australia

On September 15-16, 2022, Chronicle attended the Cemeteries & Crematoria Association South Australia (CCASA) Information Forum in Adelaide, as a part of being the Gold Sponsor for this incredible association. The event ran smoothly, thanks to the Committee of CCASA, Arun Ramchand, Michael Robertson, Terry Jones, and Valda Baker-Wells, for the opportunity and continuous support to Chronicle. In this event, the Founder of Chronicle, Matt, had a chance to represent the company and how we contribute to the community through our product, especially for cemeteries in South Australia.

CCASA information forum

The first day of the conference started with an insightful tour of Cheltenham Cemetery hosted by “People of the Port,” visiting some of the historic sites and the newest facilities in that cemetery. A note taken from that cemetery visitation was the importance of cemeteries to provide the public with a better and more meaningful digital service to access information about the interments. Therefore, we need access to the cemetery records and GPS location of the plots, wrapped into an easy-to-use interface, especially with a QR code scan in its signage that makes the whole experience flow nicely. This advanced quality precisely gives a great user experience for the community and public in accessing the cemetery information, which we are proud of equipping them on our mobile responsive Chronicle Cemetery Software.

Creating meaningful experience in managing cemetery


In Chronicle, we want to ensure that our software service can help people connect and remember the departed by keeping accurate records of the cemetery and sharing them online hassle-free. Even more, on the second day of the conference, we presented Chronicle as a solution to affordable high-quality cemetery software, even for smaller cemetery operations. Not only do we help digitise cemetery records, but we also want to create meaningful experiences for everyone to appreciate their loved ones. This is our innovation for cemeteries in South Australia to engage with the community and preserve its rich history.

With its special features in regards to accessing information for the cemeteries in South Australia to the public, our software is equipped with a mobile responsive walk-to-grave tool that uses GPS to guide the user to find the exact location of the graves, helping them easier find their loved ones. In addition, Chronicle also has a brand-new feature called Life Chronicle, an online memorial that the public can use to tell and share stories of their loved ones.

Our user-friendly, advanced software yet affordable tailored pricing has made Chronicle popular in the eyes of councils and cemetery administrators. We received positive feedback from our former clients recommending others use our product for digitising cemeteries in South Australia. Even more, during the conference, many people came to our booth, showing their interest in our work. As a CEO, Matt has been directly involved in every project, and he always considers every feedback and suggestion for improvements.

Chronicle for community

Although we have developed our software to provide meaningful experiences, there is always a challenge coming ahead. During the conference, we heard that many cemeteries in South Australia were concerned about the renewable tenure and expiring interment rights implemented in the region. This is something that many cemeteries in South Australia and cemetery software need to be able to accommodate, especially when it comes to cemetery management. Rather, we take it as a new challenge for us to work on to improve our services in helping cemeteries in South Australia abide by the regulations and expire interment rights.


In this two-day conference, not only did we get a chance to connect with other fellow workers in the cemetery industry, but we also got to learn first-hand from the cemetery administrators about their needs and their interests in the cemetery business. From this conference, we learned about what to improve and develop from our service. This is why we strive to improve our service and provide solutions for cemeteries of all sizes, even smaller council or religious community cemeteries in South Australia. For that reason, we want you to collaborate with us (and win an award!) and be a part of our journey to create a meaningful experience with the departed through Chronicle.

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