Niche Wall Display

True-to-Life Layout

 The Niche Wall Display is an innovative feature that transforms the way visitors interact with their loved ones. With just a few clicks, access Life Chronicle online memorials, photos, and histories – just like the real one.

Whole New Experience

niche wall

Interactive Niche Walls Layout

Navigate a virtual memorial wall with ease. The feature allows for interactive exploration of personal tributes and histories, creating a dynamic remembrance experience.

mobile access

Mobile Access

Access and manage memorial content on-the-go with our mobile-responsive feature. Connect and honor loved ones from any device, at any time.

Easy to use

User-Friendly Interface

Simple, intuitive, and accessible. Our interface ensures a hassle-free interaction for all users, making memorial management straightforward and dignified.

Niche Wall Display brings you ease...

  • Operational Efficiency: Directly update and manage niche displays digitally, eliminating the need for physical alterations and paperwork.
  • Visitor Navigation Aid: Guide visitors effortlessly to their desired niche, reducing staff assistance for wayfinding.
  • Real-Time Updates: Instantly add, remove, or change displayed information as needed, ensuring the niche wall is always current.
  • Simplified Record-Keeping: Effortlessly update and maintain digital records of each niche, improving accuracy and reducing the administrative burden.
  • Immediate Information Access: View detailed information about the deceased, including stories and images, directly from the niche wall interface.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are already a part of the Chronicle family and wish to enhance your service with our Niche Wall Display feature, simply reach out to our dedicated support team at We will guide you through the process and have you set up in no time.

Absolutely. Our Niche Wall Display is designed to be fully customizable by cemetery staff. Cemetery staff can tailor it to reflect the unique story of each individual, with options to add personal photos, stories, and other meaningful content.

Yes, our Niche Wall Display is built to be responsive across all devices. Whether you are using a smartphone, tablet, or computer, you can access the feature seamlessly, ensuring you have the ability to engage with it anytime and anywhere.