Murray River Council Won an LGW Award 2022

Transform your cemetery operations with Chronicle Cemetery Software and join the ranks of award-winning organisations like Murray River Council! Our innovative solution streamlined their cemetery management processes, delivering impressive accuracy and user-friendliness.

Discover the Secret to Award-Winning Cemetery Digitisation

Murray river council

The digitisation process for Murray River Council’s cemeteries was accomplished in just three months, without compromising its quality. Furthermore, this was achieved through our quick and reliable solution, which is designed to make cemetery operations smoother and more efficient. With our platform, the community can easily find their loved ones’ graves with access to the Murray River Council’s cemetery records. Even more, they can access it remotely from their smartphones anywhere and anytime. As a result, the community can now connect with their late loved ones in a more meaningful way.


In addition to the online platform, our solution also offers user-friendly and easy-to-use navigation. Then, this allows the community to access the information they need with ease and reduce the risk of errors. 

Because of this hard-work and devotion to the community, Murray River Council won an LGA Award 2022 in the “Reporting to Your Community” category. Moreover, this case study has proven the power of digitisation and its ability to enhance cemetery operations. While, at the same time, it helps improve the overall visitor experience. Therefore, this is a game-changer and we are excited to see how it streamlines workflow for your organisation.

Get a detailed look at how our cemetery digitisation solution transformed their 6 cemeteries into an interactive, online platform! Our Chronicle cemetery software provides your community with an accurate, GPS-guided map, online records, and seamless navigation. So, do not miss out on the opportunity to transform your cemetery operations. And join the ranks of award-winning organisations like Murray River Council.

Unlock the secrets to Murray River Council’s award-winning cemetery management strategy, download the our latest infographic of Murray River Council’s case study below!

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