Murray River Council Won Local Government Week Award for a Project with Chronicle

Murray River Council Local Government Award

We are delighted to announce that our client, Murray River Council, has been chosen as the winner of two RH Dougherty Awards on Local Government Week Awards 2022 earlier this August. One of the categories, “Reporting to your Community,” highlighted the council’s progress and excellence in their cemetery digitisation project. This award serves as a credit not only for the industry and the work we do but also for the community itself by recognising the importance of preserving the town’s history through an accessible, online cemetery platform. This is a huge win for everyone involved in cemetery management. An aspect that is sometimes overlooked can achieve the recognition it deserved, for a relatively low-cost activity, especially considering the big upside for the public. We are proud to participate in this award-winning initiative through our joint cemetery management collaboration with Murray River Council.

Chronicle’s project with MRC expands beyond creating software to assist on-site administrators in their day-to-day operations. We at Chronicle believe that cemeteries are the foundation of a community, a place where the locals can engage with the deceased and learn about the town’s unique yet personal history. The challenge usually comes from outdated record-keeping methods, making it difficult for cemetery employees to update the database and for visitors to access real-time information on their loved ones. It is our mission to prioritise accessibility by creating a seamless, digital experience for the community to engage with their local cemeteries.


The Journey with Chronicle

Chronicle is a cloud-based cemetery management software combining accurate, high-definition digital plot maps and record storage in a simple, easy-to-use interface. In our 6 years of experience, we have assisted 200 cemeteries worldwide to create personalised management software for their community. Our services include:

  • A secure online records management platform.
  • A high-precision burial plot map.
  • A deceased search feature for visitors.

 We also offer additional services designed to create a seamless, immersive cemetery experience for our users. Read more about what we do here.

For our collaboration with MRC, we are tasked with mapping and digitising 6 cemeteries throughout the council. This includes Barham, Mathoura Lawn, Mathoura Pioneer, Moama, Moulamein and Tooleybuc. In just 3 months, we completed the project by conducting ground and aerial surveys, accurately mapping each burial plot, migrating the records to online storage, and providing a user-friendly platform for staff and visitors to access through the MRC website. Each headstone is also individually documented to help visitors find their loved ones on the ground. We worked closely with MRC to finetune the data, ensuring the memory of the deceased was accurately and carefully preserved. Read more about our case study here.

What it means to the community

Now, visitors can rest assured knowing that they can easily locate the plot of their loved ones using our GPS-coordinated map. They can also visit the plot with our walk-to-grave technology and research the deceased information on our platform, accessible through mobile devices. Additionally, on-site employees can now update their records efficiently. Our digitisation service allows them to migrate from Excel to a synchronised, centralised online database. Since its launch, the cemetery record has reached 200 visits/month, helping approximately 200 locals connect with their family history one day at a time.

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This award is the recognition of the value that a cemetery project offered to the community. We hope this award will inspire other LGAs to start the journey to improve their cemetery management and digital presence.

Click the button below to learn more about our intuitive and user-friendly cemetery management tool. Our consultants are happy to discuss a personalised solution tailored to your community.

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