Creating Immersive Experience
with Full Mobile-Responsive Feature

Chronicle’s Optimised Mobile Responsive Cemetery Software changed the industry’s experience in engaging with cemetery.

Walk-to-Grave real time GPS guided on mobile phone, Live Historic Walking Tour, Manage cemetery interments and events On-the-Go with Chronicle Mobile-Responsive Features.

How Chronicle Mobile Responsive Map
Helps Cemetery Managers

Mobile Responsive Cemetery Software

Better Customer Service and Engagement

Improve Customer Service by offering the public an immersive experience, answer inquiries by sharing link to the plot on Chronicle map in just a minute. While the Walk-to-Grave feature provides visitors with a self-guided tour, Cemetery managers can also create a GPS-guided, historic walking tour or virtual historic tour of their community.

Real Time Audit, Maintain Accurate Data

Access to add, edit, and update data to cemetery plots while walking among the headstones. Add records online, update the information on the digital plots by adding headstone photos quickly and directly, on a mobile phone. Improve and maintain the accuracy of your records over time. 

Simplify Process and Boost Sales

Quickly identify vacant plot from your mobile device. Send the available plot URL that can be viewed on mobile device to a potential buyer. Convey relevant, accurate information when engaging with contractors and the onsite worker (grave diggers, plaque installers, funeral directors) so they can directly Walk-to-Grave.

How Chronicle Mobile Responsive Map
Helps The Community

Walk to Grave

Perform a quick deceased search on a Chronicle Cemetery Map on mobile phones and be guided to a plot – with GPS guidance – in real time.

Historic Walking Tour

Connect with history by doing a self-guided Historic Walking Tour. Visit the “Featured” Plot, read Stories about the deceased and fascinating life stories of the prominent people that shaped the community.

Mobile Responsive Cemetery Software - Walk to grave
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