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migrate from legacy mark to chronicle

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  • The cemetery management industry is witnessing a shift from traditional paper records to modern software solutions like Legacy Mark and Chronicle.

  • Legacy Mark has been a trusted solution since 1987, covering office management, mapping, and accounting. But it lacks of modern functionalities. Chronicle offers a  more comprehensive solution, focusing on administrative aspects and personal narratives, with features like interactive mapping and the Life Chronicle feature.

  • Chronicle’s software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution ensures users have the latest updates and features. It enhances productivity and offers an emotional connection by celebrating the departed in unique ways. Chronicle has been partnering with cemeteries migrating from Legacy Mark before.

  • Chronicle map include a user-centric design, advanced digital mapping similar to Google Maps, Life Chronicle online memorials, revenue opportunities (like online plot sales), community engagement tools, and a cloud-based solution that’s always updated.

  • Transitioning from Legacy Mark to Chronicle is streamlined with Chronicle’s systematic approach, including data auditing, migration, and review, followed by extensive training for cemetery staff. Chronicle offers continuous support, making the switch smoother and ensuring users are comfortable with the new system.

Cemetery management, much like every sector, is undergoing a technological evolution. We have come a long way since the days of paper records and manual mapping. Today, we have software platforms like Legacy Mark and Chronicle leading the charge. However, as with every industry, there is a constant push to adapt to the latest and most efficient tools. This raises a pertinent question for many cemeteries: “Why should you migrate from Legacy Mark to Chronicle?

Understanding the difference between Legacy Mark and Chronicle

migrate from legacymark to chronicle differences

Legacy Mark has been a beacon of reliability in the cemetery industry for decades. Since its inception in 1987, it has provided an end-to-end solution for cemetery management, including office management, mapping, and accounting. LegacyMark’s software solutions were among the first to address the unique challenges faced by cemeteries in the digital age.

On the other hand, Chronicle stands out as a holistic solution that encapsulates the needs of modern cemeteries. Chronicle’s emphasis is not only on the administrative side but also on bringing personal narratives into the fold. From interactive cemetery mapping to the heartfelt Life Chronicle feature, the Chronicle focuses on celebrating the lives of the departed while ensuring efficient management.

Why Migrate from Legacy Mark to Chronicle?

why migrate from legacymark to chronicle

On one hand, Legacy Mark has been a reliable partner for many years, but the evolving technology and increasing demands in cemetery management necessitate an upgrade. On the other hand, Chronicle stands out with its unique capabilities in providing comprehensive solutions, from adding and editing interments to efficiently managing ownership and rights of interment records.

Chronicle offers a SaaS solution that ensures you are always on top of your game with the latest updates and features. All these features aim to simplify operations. It also improves productivity and offers a sense of comfort and inspiration in the way the lives of the departed are celebrated and shared with the living.

Key Features of Chronicle

key features of chronicle
  1. User-Centric Design: Chronicle boasts a user-friendly interface that makes the process smooth for all stakeholders, from cemetery staff and funeral directors to the general public.
  2. Advanced Digital Mapping: Unlike the static mapping systems of the past, Chronicle’s digital mapping services provide an engaging visual representation, ensuring precision and interactive planning. You can also locate the locations of the graves easily from any device, just like Google Maps.
  3. Life Chronicle: A game-changer in the industry, the Life Chronicle online memorial feature offers families a platform to share stories, photos, and significant moments. Therefore, it makes the memories of the loved ones accessible to a global community.
  4. Revenue Opportunities: Beyond efficient management, Chronicle also provides avenues for increased revenue through features like online plot sales and shared earnings from the Life Chronicle online memorial submissions.
  5. Community Engagement: The software bridges the gap between the cemetery and its community by encouraging people to share stories, delve into family histories, and partake in virtual walk-to-grave experiences. They can also do a genealogy search to find the information about their loved ones independently.
  6. Future-Ready: Chronicle’s cloud-based solution lets you access your records anytime, anywhere, and from any device. Furthermore, Chronicle’s regular updates ensure that your system continually evolves, matching strides with the ever-advancing technology landscape.

Migration Process

migrate from legacymark to chronicle process

Migration, while seemingly complex, can be streamlined with careful planning. Chronicle has experiences working on migrating cemetery records and data from another software. We know how to do it properly and better than the other cemetery software. Here is typically the step-by-step guide to the process:

  1. Data Audit: Before migration begins, there is a thorough review of all data within LegacyMark. We make to clean up outdated and redundant records from the data. Chronicle team also consolidates the data with the cemetery to make sure if there is any updated information that has not been inputted on their recent storage.
  2. Data Migration: After auditing, the detailed process of transferring burial details, plot records, and other associated data to Chronicle is initiated. This step is to ensure no data loss.
  3. Data Review: To guarantee smooth transitioning, Chronicle provides a chance for the cemetery to make sure that all of the data are correct. This is to make sure that the newly transitioned digital cemetery represents the real cemetery before it is live online.
  4. Training: Chronicle team rolls out comprehensive training sessions for cemetery staff to acquaint them with the new system. We are also ready for any further assistance whenever needed.

Training and Support

moving from legacymark to chronicle support

Chronicle takes pride in offering a holistic solution, which includes extensive training and support. While Chronicle is user-friendly, the team understands that transitioning to new software involves a learning curve.

To make this transition as smooth as possible, Chronicle provides comprehensive training materials. It includes tutorials and guides that are easy to understand. Moreover, staff members can also learn at their own pace, reducing the stress of the transition. After the transition, Chronicle’s dedicated technical support team remains available to offer assistance at any time. This unwavering support ensures that you always have a helping hand when you need it.

Transitioning from Legacy Mark to Chronicle offers multiple benefits, from enhanced features, seamless integration, advanced technology, cost-effectiveness, and top-notch customer support. While the thought of migration may seem daunting, with Chronicle, it’s a leap worth taking. By seamlessly merging crucial cemetery data and implementing new, efficient practices, we ensure that your focus remains on providing comfort and inspiration to your community.

Join us in our mission to honor the departed and comfort the living in the digital era. Book a demo today, and let’s step into the future of cemetery management together.

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