Logan City Council Cemeteries Launch Digital Experience with Chronicle

logan city council with chronicle

Logan City Council and Chronicle announce completing a comprehensive digitisation project for the city’s seven council-managed cemeteries. The endeavour, which began in November 2022 and culminated in June 2023, aims to create an innovative, user-friendly online platform for the local community.

Digital improvement for the community

The digitisation initiative encompasses the Beenleigh Cemetery, Maclean Cemetery, Logan Village Cemetery, Chambers Flat Cemetery, Eagleby Cemetery, Parkhouse Cemetery, and Plunkett Road Cemetery. This progressive project reflects Logan City Council’s commitment to leveraging modern technology to provide more accessible services for its residents.

Residents and visitors can now access the rich history of these cemeteries with a few clicks, thanks to the online public access provided by Chronicle’s platform. The advanced features enable users to conduct genealogy searches, offering a vast digital resource for individuals tracing their family lineage or researching local history.

Beyond the genealogy search capabilities, the platform allows for creating online memorials via Life Chronicle. This feature provides community members with a unique and heartfelt way to commemorate and honour their loved ones, creating a timeless digital tribute accessible to friends and family worldwide.

In a forward-thinking move, the Logan City Council Cemeteries have also incorporated a plot reservation feature. This initiative allows community members to secure a plot ahead of time for pre-need purposes, ensuring peace of mind in a simple and dignified manner.

Enhancing the visitor experience

beenleigh cemetery signage

To further enhance the visitor experience, each of the seven cemeteries has undergone a significant signage makeover in conjunction with Chronicle. The revamped signs improve the aesthetic appeal of these historical sites and offer better direction and information about the cemetery grounds.

Each sign presents an intricate map, simplifying visitors’ navigation through the extensive cemetery grounds for visitors. By scanning the QR code on the signage using their mobile devices, visitors can conveniently access an interactive map of the cemetery and effortlessly retrieve information about their loved ones.

Chronicle’s GPS-enabled walk-to-grave feature further enhances the visitor experience, guiding them directly to their desired grave locations. Visitors can also delve into fascinating stories linked with each burial, enriching their understanding and connection. All this information is readily available at their fingertips, accessible via their mobile devices.

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