Life Chronicle

Celebrate the lives that have touched your hearts with
Life Chronicle—a space to create online memorials for the deceased and let others know their life stories.

USD 49 / AUD 65

*40% of all the revenue goes back to the cemetery

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Online forever, in Life Chronicle

Families and friends can post a Life Chronicle story for their loved ones directly linked to their final resting place. Whether visiting in person or online, everyone can always celebrate their life stories.

Everlasting Memories
Sharing the Legacy
Support the Community
Preserve Local History

How to write a Life Chronicle

Go to

Search for the name of the cemetery of your loved one's burial

Search and select the name of your loved one

"Write a Life Chronicle"
and follow the steps

Life Chronicles from the communities

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

The normal pricing is AUD65 / USD49 (tax incl.) per submission. This is a one-time lifetime price. You can also add multiple photos and put hyperlinks. For each new Life Chronicle submission, 40% of the proceed goes to the cemetery, helping to maintain the resting place of our loved ones.

Everyone can write a Life Chronicle, as long as the deceased record can be found in Chronicle deceased search. The Cemetery will have full control to approve or decline the Life Chronicle and publish it to their online records and map in Chronicle (it will be auto-approved 5 days after submission).

Life Chronicles are linked to the interment record and burial location in Chronicle online map. People can search the name or plot number in the Chronicle Cemetery Map. Once the interment details are open, they can find a button to “Write a Life Chronicle” and follow the steps. For a detailed guide, please visit our Help Center.