Life Chronicle

Heartfelt memorials. 

Connecting families and loved ones.

Cherished by generations to come.

Everlasting Memories

It’s never easy saying goodbye to the people we cherish. But when one of these beloved family members or friends pass, they deserve an everlasting memory to leave behind. An eternal connection to their lives and legacies. With Life Chronicle, there is something that lives on after death.

Affordable and trustworthy

Community Engagement

By helping our families to honour their loved ones with meaningful stories, we can engage our community in our cemetery.

Imagine if each interment had a heartfelt Life Chronicle attached. Walking through the cemetery would be a journey through the history of your town.

Create a new level of community engagement with your cemetery as they wander your grounds, learning of their collective history from the Life Chronicle of others.

Sharing the Legacy

A physical resting place like a cemetery can hold many memories. But what happens when you’re no longer there to go and visit them? We want you to be able to bring that person with you wherever you go – in your heart, on your phone, anywhere. You will be able to share that experience now through Life Chronicle.⁣

Sharing the legacy

Supporting Our Communities

Revenue Source for Cemetery

40% of all the Life Chronicle sales goes to the cemetery as our way to help cemeteries maintain the resting place of our loved ones.

Community Contribution

Stories and Life Chronicles of the people in the community made it what it is today. Chronicle encourage people to contribute to their communities by creating and sharing the Life Chronicles.

Online Presence

Cemeteries can thrive in both physical and digital world, get all the benefit of using Chronicle cemetery software, as well as creating a legacy for the people of the community.

“In the end, we’ll all become stories.”

Margaret Atwood.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our current pricing is AUD65 / USD49 (tax incl.) per Life Chronicle submission. This is a one-time lifetime price.  Multiple photos and hyperlinks can be added. For each new Life Chronicle submission, 40% of the proceed goes to the Cemetery, helping to maintain the resting place of our loved ones. A promo price might be offered to the community as a joined promotion from Chronicle and the cemetery. 

Life Chronicles are linked to the interment record and burial location in Chronicle online map. People can search the name or plot number in the Chronicle Cemetery Map. Once the interment details are open, they can find a button to “Write a Life Chronicle” and follow the steps. For a detailed guide, please visit our Help Center.

We wanted to help our cemeteries to sustain their operations, so we implemented a revenue share (40% of all the revenue goes to the cemetery).

For simplicity, let’s imagine a smallish cemetery with 5,000 current interments + 50 new interments per year. In this example we expect to see 1-5% of existing interments to add a new Life Chronicle (50 to 250) and 25%-70% of new interments (12-25) adding a Life Chronicle. This equates to up to $7,410 in Australia or $5,390 in the US per year. These are conservative numbers too.

Everyone can write a Life Chronicle, as long as the deceased record can be found in Chronicle deceased search. The Cemetery will have full control to approve or decline the Life Chronicle and publish it to their online records and map in Chronicle (it will be auto-approved 5 days after submission). Click here to learn on how to approve/decline. Cemetery admins can continue to add their own Stories (for free) for pioneers and notable persons buried in their cemetery.