Life Chronicle Feature: Everlasting Memories of the Life Before Us

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Have you ever visited the grave of your lost loved family members, but you hardly recall everything about their life? Let alone will you tell your children or grandchildren about them? People come and go, and so does life, yet memories stay the same. Now that you still have memories of your loved ones, this is the time to recall and pass on those stories to the next generations to come. With an initiative called Life Chronicle feature, we help you cherish the moments you shared together with your late loved ones.

From a gravestone to your heart

Life Chronicle feature is the Chronicle’s innovative feature, which revolutionises the way of commemorating the life before us. It functions as a space to create online memorials for the dead and let others know their life stories.

Moreover, it is never easy to forget about our journey with our loved ones that passed away.  We want every burial to tell its stories and inspire every living soul with a new experience. Life Chronicle brings them from their physical resting place to be easily accessible in your smartphone, then to your heart.

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Creating stories and memories

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With Life Chronicle feature, you can create online memoirs in various digital formats, such as photos, certificates, obituaries, or newspaper clippings. A feature to personalise templates is coming soon. This way, you can let others read the inspiring stories about your loved ones through Life Chronicle.

This feature lets you remember your loved ones with just one click away, and every story created is directly connected to their physical resting place. As long as you can find your loved ones’ records in Chronicle’s deceased search, you can contribute to this creation.

A tale for future generations

Every departed soul deserves a story to tell to the generations to come. As it goes by saying, telling stories can inspire every living soul about the journey of late loved ones experienced during their lifetime. Therefore, Life Chronicle makes it more meaningful for you to commemorate.

This is your chance to tell your children the stories of late loved ones with Life Chronicle feature. Just imagine if you take your children to the graves of your relatives while they know nothing about them. With Life Chronicle, they can read the life story of the buried through their smartphone.

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Generous contribution to the community

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With only limited opportunities to earn revenue, cemeteries’ finances are often capped. Many cemeteries often struggle to tackle financial issues, especially with perpetual cemetery maintenance needing care, let alone improving their facilities.

By using Life Chronicle feature, you also contribute to the community. Each time you make a Life Chronicle submission, 40% of all the Life Chronicle sales go to the cemetery in support of preserving the burials of our loved ones.

We indeed want everyone to be remembered eternally, hence the Life Chronicle. Join others in strengthening the community’s bonds with their loved ones, and let your communities know how important it is to preserve the community’s histories and legacies with Life Chronicle.

This holiday season is a time to remember the life before us. We are offering FREE* in December 2022 (normal price of USD49/AUD65).

Click here to learn more about Life Chronicle.

*$1 administration fee will be charged to the client per submission

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