Frequently Asked Questions

Chronicle has revolutionised cemetery
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Getting started with Chronicle

Our team performs all of its digital mapping work remotely for the majority of the process. Although every cemetery differs slightly, the basic procedure is as follows:

  1. You send us your existing records and mapping (if any) electronically. If your current maps are in papers, you can simply take images with your smartphone (app like CamScanner helps to create a clear image) and submit them to us via email.
  2. We collaborate with you to make sure we comprehend the cemetery’s layout and any peculiarities in its mapping.
  3. We’ll generate a digital and interactive map of your cemetery based on your existing mapping materials using our cemetery mapping tools and the data you’ve provided.

You’ll get an interactive map with plots that you may add information such as new interments, headstone photos, etc after the mapping is finished. Visit this page to learn more about our mapping services.

We will analyze your maps and records to see if we can use them as references. If the data is not sufficient, we will recommend an on-site mapping service which means we’ll have our team do an on-site survey to capture all data that is required and come up with a new plot map.

We highly recommend mapping with your records to get the full benefit of our software (such as public deceased search and walk-to-grave GPS function). With Chronicle, we will accommodate your needs, if you already have an accurate diagram, we can create a graphical map based on it, or if you already have an aerial imagery, we can use it too as long as it’s good enough for us to draw do our mapping, if not, we can take a high-quality aerial image (with affordable price).

Yes, click here to book an online demo and get your demo account.

Yes, you can have multiple interments assigned to a single plot.

This will depend on the size of your cemetery and the quality of your records. Usually, we can deliver the project within 5 – 12 weeks.

Depending on your circumstance, we’ll provide guidance and resources to make the setup process records as simple as possible. We’ll import your records in bulk if you already have them in a spreadsheet, database, or other systems to save you time.
Whichever situation with your cemetery, we will make sure to support you from start to finish. Please consult with our Cemetery Consultant to get the best approach tailored for your cemetery.

We provide solutions to help you transform your old hand-written records into our Chronicle database. If you have paper records, we can help you handle the transcription process if you’re short on time and willing to outsource that part. If not, don’t worry, we also provide spreadsheet templates that can help you arrange and format your records digitally. 

No, we don’t limit the number of users and the number of records. You can also assign the access levels to all users so your data confidentiality is always protected

Absolutely. Our software allows you to manage multiple cemeteries.

Training is provided remotely at the completion of the project using your preferred video conferencing platform. Our customer success team will train and help you make the adjustment needed during the onboarding.

We have a support center that will assist you during business hours in your time zone.

Chronicle pricing

We feel that it is best indication of the likely activity within the Chronicle app for records management and public usage. It is also an indication of cemetery size. These considerations help us determine the likely storage, computing and support requirements.

We count an interment as adding any new interment type (burial, cremation, etc) whose interment date is within your subscription period. Your subscription period is monthly or yearly and commences from when you first sign up to Chronicle.

Data Storage and security

We currently use cloud storage. All data is securely stored in the Google clouds which means that your data will be backed up automatically and it is accessible from anywhere as long as your browser is connected to the internet. Read the article we prepared to answer more questions regarding cloud data storage and data safety here.

We comply with global standards including the Victorian Protective Data Security Standards (VPDSS), General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), and International Organization for Standardization (ISO).

We use Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA, a security process requiring multiple methods for verification) and Role-Based Access (RBA, granting access based on user roles) along with advanced firewall and intrusion detection systems.

Prior to updates, we create backups to ensure data remains safe even if unexpected issues arise during the update process.

Yes, you can download all your records stored in the Chronicle database and save them on your local computer whenever you want.

Data is protected through encryption (converting data into a coded format), access control (restricting data access to authorized personnel), and comprehensive backup strategies.

Data is divided into four levels: Public (openly accessible information), Business Confidential (sensitive business information), Restricted (data requiring stricter access due to sensitivity), and Secret (highly confidential information).

We provide a full backup of all the cemetery data stored in Chronicle system, in open formats that are fully interoperable with other cemetery software, database software and GIS.