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Reviews and testimonials about Chronicle software

ouyen cem
“This software does everything we need and more. It is called Simple Cemetery Software for a reason and it really is simple to use, no training required. This software can stay simple with a small amount of information but it can become a single information mangement system, holding all our documentation both public and private making and managing our Cemetery records accessible, quick and portable and that is our goal over the next six months.”
Ouyen Cemetery Trust, Victoria
Maple Hill Cemetery
"I did a lot of research before selecting Chronicle. The features, value, and great personal attention were what sold me. The software has taken us from poorly maintained paper records to the digital age. The best thing is the visual aspect, being able to see our cemetery and have all the lots colour-coded so that we can see at a glance what is occupied or vacant. The search feature is great, it takes you right to the grave!"
Howard, Secretary
Maple Hill Cemetery
"It [Chronicle] makes our lives significantly easier; especially for referring requests to family history searches, assisting the general public in locating their loved ones, and also with showing people vacant plots."
Beechworth Cemetery
cootamundra gundagai logo
“I used to bring my tablet on-site to walk around and edit records but now I can use it on my mobile phone too. This is great!”
Glen, Acting GM
Cootamundra Gundagai Regional Council
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