4 Ways Cemetery Software Can Optimise Plot Sales

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Cemetery plot sales is one of several traditions that have changed recently in the cemetery industry. Many families purchase cemetery plots long in advance in order to guarantee family burial plots and plan ahead for funeral arrangements. This pre-need cemetery sale requires cemetery organisations to create a more efficient procedure to avoid possible risks. For example, records of the interred dispersed in different places or information about the purchasers were entered incorrectly. Chronicle is continuously working on providing plot sales features while offering these functions for you to optimise your cemetery plot sales processes.

Quickly see the available plots

Chronicle cloud-based cemetery software offers real-time digital mapping and records management to ensure that all information regarding the cemetery, plot, ROI, and interments are inherently integrated. The vacant, reserved, or occupied plots can be tracked easily with Chronicle’s high-definition aerial image feature and colour-coded plots, making your search for available plots for selling easier.

With the updated databases, you can avoid the risks of the same plot having double-reserved. More importantly, it is done online, no more rummaging through paper documents, or excel spreadsheets.

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Not only does Chronicle help you efficiently manage your plots, but it also helps your community. The members of the public can preview the available plots through their mobile phones and find the exact physical location of the plots with the walk-to-grave feature before purchasing. This is exactly the kind of presentation you want to provide and impress your community.

A complete inventory management

A Complete Inventory Management for plot sales

Dealing with certain kinds of administration in providing pre-need services for burials is sometimes time-consuming. With the all-in-one system that Chronicle provides, you can easily organise different things easily.

Besides, Chronicle’s inventory management allows you to mark certain plots as reserved once you have a deal to make a pre-need service with the purchaser. You can also add detailed information about the interment applications such as contact and payment details into the ROI holder information.

Arranging cemetery plot sales procedures

Chronicle’s Event and Work Orders feature focuses on managing different kind of activities of the cemeteries, internal and external, from sales meeting with customers, burials, maintenance, repeat events like flower delivery, and so on, these tools help you get through some arrangements with your customers. They can optimise your cemetery arrangement effectively.

With the event and work order feature, you can set up an appointment with prospective purchasers or funeral ministers or other related parties. You can also tag the purchasers and details for the events and works you are doing, making it easier for you to track and edit.


Generating Certificates

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The procedures of cemetery plot sales activities are long, from the application to the final agreement. There are definitely a lot of documents you need to work on for cemetery plot sales procedures such as the application forms, payment information, and legal instruments.

Chronicle can help you get the documents instantly ready with the function to generate the certificates you need for these administrative documents. You can choose from the ROI application form, ROI invoice, and ROI certificate. Choose what you need and download it.  It can also be customised using your own document format. It definitely saves a lot of your time. Specifically, Chronicle customers report that they have saved time up to 50 hours per month.

Digital transformation is necessary for cemetery organisations in adapting to shifting customer wants and attitudes in pre-need cemetery purchases. With Chronicle cemetery software’s distinctive functions, you can optimize the benefits and get more efficient procedures in managing your cemetery plot sales activities.

Get your cemetery ready with Chronicle to optimise your cemetery plot sales activities by trying out Chronicle’s software for free!

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