Cemetery Management Software

Chronicle’s innovative cemetery management software simplifies the complex, empowering managers with intuitive tools for seamless and secure operations. Our technology provides the public 24/7 access to their loved ones, connecting communities and heritage like never before.

Our primary mission: to make your cemetery management more efficient and accessible, enhancing experiences for both you and your clients.

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Records and event management

Efficiently manage cemetery records, including burial records, plot availability, and event and work order. The system allows for easy data entry, storage, retrieval, and updating of these records, ensuring all necessary information is accurate and readily available.

Chronicle’s software includes an advanced mapping feature that provides a digital, interactive representation of your cemetery. Visitors can visually navigate the cemetery, locate specific gravesites, and learn about available plots, enhancing their visit experience.

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Main features of Chronicle

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GPS-guided walk-to-grave

This feature provides GPS coordinates for each gravesite, offering visitors a seamless walk-to-grave experience. By entering the name of the deceased, visitors can easily navigate to the specific location, enhancing their visit.

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Customisable data management

Our software adapts to the unique needs of each cemetery. You can customise data fields, reports, and user permissions to best fit your operation's requirements.

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Featured stories and online historic walk tour

Chronicle's software enables cemeteries to highlight specific individuals or historic events, creating a rich, interactive journey through the cemetery's history. This feature can enhance the visitor experience by providing educational and engaging content.

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Life Chronicle online memorials

Our Life Chronicle service provides a digital space where families can create lasting tributes to their loved ones. Visitors can share stories, photographs, and significant moments, creating a vibrant, shared history and personal legacy.

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Online public access

Our software offers a public portal where visitors can search for their loved ones, view gravesite locations, and engage with online memorials. This open access allows for greater community interaction and engagement.

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Online plot sales

Chronicle offers a streamlined, digitised platform for plot sales, opening up a wider customer base and increasing sales potential. Users can browse available plots, view pricing, and make purchases online, simplifying the sales process.

Our additional services

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