Create, Manage, and Share Your
Cemetery Records

Our intuitive, innovative, and easy-to-use digital mapping and record management software not only makes it easier for managers to safely and securely run their cemetery but also gives the public 24/7 access to their loved ones.


Our priority is to make cemetery management easier for you and for your clients.

Our Main Features

Online Records Management

Digitise your existing records into our platform, add new interments data and update plot details intuitively. Chronicle’s crisp interface keeps your records accurate.

Record all relevant details for each plot, reflected on the map – details of the deceased person, next of kin, funeral minister, funeral director, reservation holders, and even upload headstone photos.

Accuracy in keeping memory alive has never been easier.

Deceased Search

Records are available from a single source – Chronicle’s experiential cemetery database software. Your cemetery’s records are stored in the cloud, safely and securely.

It’s available to administrators and the visitors from anywhere, at any time. Click on any burial plot and find out all you need to know.

Public Access Feature allows cemetery managers to quickly search records and share URL to answer enquiries, so people can do deceased search, cemetery online visit, and share digital memories.

cemetery records management and mapping software

Digital Plot Map

We create a digital cemetery diagram with plots linked to relevant records for upload to Chronicle.

With high-quality satellite imaging as a background overlay, produces a cemetery map that outlines the precise locations of each headstone and plot.

We believe in high precision quality cemetery mapping. Safe, secure, shareable. The visual presentation of the online map is stunning.

Many features from Chronicle

Stories/Online obituaries

Share a memory of your loved one and let it live on forever


Generate reports for many purposes; cemetery records, interments, events


Create deeds, with ease!

Unlimited users with varied Access Types

Add the entire cemetery staff without restriction

Event and Work

Create events, view calendar, assign tasks and collaborate

Secure Data and
Cloud Based

The record is securely stored in the cloud and is accessible online

Manage Multiple

Manage multiple cemeteries from a single platform

3rd Party Software

Connect chronicle to your day-to-day software

Our Additional Services

Grave Coordinate and Photo Survey

To achieve 99% accuracy of your cemetery records and mapping, we also do grave coordinate and photo survey where we take photo and exact GPS location of each plot and consolidate them with existing dataset. No more mistake on the plot records and location. We aim to provide accuracy in records management and mapping

Customised Template

Generate certificates with your own template, auto pre-filled with information on the record. Fully customisable certificates using client-supplied PDFs to pre-fill with the relevant interment, plot and right of interment details. Example certificates include interment authorisation, ROI purchase, plaque install

Auto-Add Headstone

Encourage a newfound appreciation of those who made your community what it is today. Beautiful, headstones are symbols of the resting places of those who passed – sharing those symbols help to engage with their memories. Read more...