Manage Cemetery Operations and Tasks
with Event and Work Orders Feature

Event and Work Order feature helps the cemetery managers to create events, manage work orders, and assign tasks – with just one click.

Streamlining the operations between Cemetery Trusts, operators, staff, vendors, and all parties to have an overview of what’s happening in the cemetery.

How Event and Work Order Feature
Helps Cemetery Operations


Manage Events and Status

Create, Edit, and Set the Status of the tasks around your cemetery operations. From Dig Grave, Burial, Flower Delivery, Funeral Service, Plaque Install, Maintenance, Monumental Work, General Work, Sales Meeting, Onsite, to creating custom events, all can be managed using Chronicle.

View Calendar

As an organisation tool, the event calendar feature offers you a simple way to navigate through the various work orders and events that are planned. Depending on your layout preference, you can see the overview of all events by the List or the monthly Calendar view.

Event and Work Order Feature - Chronicle Cemetery Software
Event and Work Order Feature - Chronicle Cemetery Software

Assign Tasks

As a cemetery manager, you often need to delegate tasks to other team members. Chronicle allows you to assign tasks or work orders to other administrators. This module is coming soon!

Filter by Type of event

Prioritise your tasks by filtering based on event categories and status: overdue, due today, or upcoming. From coordinating bookings, streamlining event planning with funeral directors, checking your time slot availability, to tracking work progress, all can be done in a few minutes.

Event and Work Order Feature - Chronicle Cemetery Software

Extra Benefits of
Event and Work Order Feature

Direct Add-to-Plot

If you’re navigating through your digital map and know exactly where the event will take place (or is related to), simply click the plot and create (or edit) an event related to that plot.

"Repeat" Mode

Set as Repeating to events and tasks that happen regularly. The “Repeating ” tab allows you to mark events that occur weekly, monthly, or annually.

Attach Document

The ability to attach relevant documents to any event or work task. For those involved, all important information will always be easily accessible.