Event and Work Orders Admin Tools: New Chronicle Cemetery Software Feature

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Chronicle’s cemetery management software and all its features is an all-encompassing, holistic platform. While offering you powerful, intuitive cemetery mapping and records management tools, we’re constantly striving to provide you with helpful updates to make your everyday tasks simpler.

While we know that every cemetery is unique, most cemeteries work with core processes that are integral to how it functions and performs. Chronicle cemetery software Event and Work Orders features to accommodate those functions. Everything from plaque installations to flower deliveries (including custom events) can be planned for and tracked, helping you to stay on top of everything that’s happening at your institution.

This is why our latest update is a feature that allows you to create and manage your cemetery’s events and work orders easily and efficiently.

How Can This Feature Helps Cemetery Management?

Cemetery Management Software Features - Event and Work Order Task
Cemetery Management Software Feature: Event and Work Order Task

What’s happening today? What’s planned for tomorrow? Are there any important events and work orders that are scheduled in the upcoming week or month? This new feature allows you to create and browse through any event that you’ve scheduled at the cemetery.

  • View Calendar: As an organisation tool, the event calendar feature offers you a simple way to navigate through the various work orders and events that are planned. Depending on your layout preference, you can see the overview of all events by the List or the monthly Calendar view.
  • Filter by Type of Event: What if you’re only interested in the new graves that are planned to be dug this month? Simple, you’re able to filter by event and click “Dig Grave” to quickly see when these plots will be dug.
  • Manage Events and Status: If a plaque installation, for example, has been approved, simply update the work order status to “Approved”. That way, if you’re not around, other cemetery administrators will have no trouble finding out whether the contractor (who just called to say he’s on his way) has been given the green light or not.
  • Assign Task (coming soon): As a cemetery manager, you often give yourself in situations where you have to delegate tasks to other team members. Chronicle allows you to assign tasks or work orders to other administrators so that everyone knows the role they’re playing. This feature is coming soon!

Simplifying Cemetery Admin and Planning

How easy is it to create an event or work order with the latest in Chronicle cemetery features? Adding a new event or work order can be done in just a few clicks. When clicking “Event type” from the dropdown box, you’ll quickly be able to choose from the following:
  • Dig Grave
  • Burial
  • Flower Delivery
  • Funeral Service
  • Plaque Install
  • Maintenance
  • Monumental Works
  • General Works
  • Sales Meeting
  • Onsite
  • Other (for more specific, or custom, events that fall outside of the norm)
Cemetery Management Software Features - Event and Work Order Task

Add a new event from the plot, directly. If you’re navigating through your digital map and know exactly where the event will take place (or is related to), there’s no need to go back to the Events and Work Orders module itself. Simply click the plot in question and create (or edit) an event related to that plot.

For events or tasks that happen regularly, the “Repeating” tab allows you to mark events that occur weekly, monthly, or annually. For managers who need to remember, or remind others, that certain tasks need to be carried out regularly, this is incredibly helpful. You’ll always be ready for flower deliveries and when contractors are due to be booked for regular maintenance.

Are all materials for an event on hand when you need it? This add-on allows you to attach relevant documents to any event or work task. For all those involved, all important information will always be easily accessible.

And, for each event, you’re also able to create reports, giving you further detail into every step of an event or work order so your cemetery documents every significant aspect for future reference.

This is a powerful, yet simple, tool for cloud-based cemetery software, allowing you to handle both everyday and unique cemetery events easily. Chronicle cemetery software features don’t end with digitising your cemetery and keeping your records safe and secure – we constantly work to make every task or process simpler for you.

If you want to see a demo of how to use our powerful Event and Work Order tool, click here to request a demo with our digital cemetery experts.

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