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Plot Map Templates

Get Your Cemetery Plot Map Templates Today!

  • You will get two cemetery plot map templates: Simple and Advanced.
  • Our user-friendly Excel templates offer a simple and effective solution for organising and tracking burial plots.
  • Gain insights into the advantages and limitations of using spreadsheets for cemetery management.

Which template should you use?

Simple Template might be a better choice if:

  • Your cemetery does not have a numbering system or has many lots but lacks a system at the grave level.
  • You only have minimal ROI details to input.
  • You are just starting to digitize your cemetery’s records.
  • Your cemetery involves multiple stakeholders (since there are only two sheets, it’s simpler to hand it over to someone else).

The Advanced Template could be a better choice if:

  • Your cemetery has graves that are well-aligned in straight rows or uses a section-row-plot numbering system instead of lot-based.
  • You need to enter a large amount of information (since this template allows you to divide data per row for more details).
  • Your cemetery has complex ROI details (as the template has a separate section for these details).
  • You prefer having a sectional map rather than a whole map of your cemetery (sectional maps are part of the process in this template).

PS: Scroll down to read the full instructions on how to use the templates.

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