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Chronicle Webinar: How to Fully Digitalize a Catholic Church Cemetery Management

Join the rest of the professionals in the cemetery industry who are thinking forward and taking actions! In this webinar, we will join the expert in digital cemeteries and a guest speaker from St Vincent DePaul Cemetery to have a closer look and get insights on fully digital and online cemetery management.

You should watch this webinar now if:

  • You have cemetery records in books, Excel, Access, or any other digital format.
  • You are managing records in software but it’s just not the most user-friendly system.
  • Your map is hand-drawn or in digital format, but you still spend too much time locating a plot.
  • Or, if you have none of the above, but would still like a system in place.

If you ticked some or all of the above, watch full version of our webinar “The gold standard of managing cemetery records alongside the community”  where we cover:

  • How to assess and prepare your records and plot maps before digitizing the cemetery
  • How it works and what it all looks like in a digital and online platform
  • Share insights among like-minded cemetery managers who are facing the similar problems

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