How to Fully Digitalize a Catholic Church Cemetery Management


Chronicle Webinar: How to Fully Digitalize a Catholic Church Cemetery Management

In this webinar, Chronicle invited Matthew P. as a guest speaker. He is an expert in digital cemeteries. Furthermore, he has been working as the business manager for St Vincent De Paul Cemetery, a Catholic Church Cemetery located in Indiana, the U.S. Accordingly, you can have a closer look and gain insights into the full potential of digital and online cemetery management from Matthew’s experience.

As a matter of fact, digitising cemetery records and mapping systems simplify your daily tasks. As a result, it allows you to manage your cemetery more efficiently. In addition, it will also provide an easier and more accessible experience for families and loved ones visiting the cemetery.

So, watch this webinar if:

  • Your cemetery records are in books, Excel, Access, or any other digital format.
  • You are currently managing records in software but find it to be an unfriendly system.
  • Your cemetery has a map that is hand-drawn or in digital format, but you still spend too much time locating a plot.
  • You do not currently have an efficient system in place.

In “The Gold Standard of Managing Cemetery Records Alongside the Community” webinar, you will learn:

  • How the process of cemetery digitisation works, from how to assess and prepare your records and plot maps before digitising.
  • What a digital cemetery map will look like in a digital and online platform.
  • Get insights and solutions from other like-minded cemetery managers facing similar problems.

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