Chronicle’s Highlights from the CCASA and CCANSW Joint Conference 2023

Chronicle’s Highlights from the CCASA and CCANSW Joint Conference 2023

It was such a wonderful experience for Chronicle to be attending the CCASA and CCANSW Joint Conference 2023, held on November 9 & 10, 2023 at Pullman Adelaide. Sam represented Chronicle Cemetery Software to participate in this engaging and insightful conference. This event brought together the brightest minds in cemetery management to share, learn, and inspire one another toward a future of innovative and sustainable practices.

Inspiring Discussion with Mitcham City Council

A highlight of the conference was the insightful conversation between Sam and Bronwyn Bean from Mitcham City Council. Sam asked Bronwyn to detail her involvement with the cemetery. Bronwyn explained that she handles management and administration tasks, emphasizing the complexity of their record-keeping systems. This includes managing interment processes, memorial applications, and invoicing. She also coordinates with the historian for the council for quality information and support.

  • Challenges in Cemetery Management: When asked about challenges before Chronicle’s software, Bronwyn shared the difficulties of dealing with records kept in various formats and systems. She stressed the need for a centralized system to streamline their operations, especially because the Mitcham General Cemetery is quite historic and at full capacity, only available for families with existing plots.
  • The Impact of Chronicle’s Platform: Responding to how things have changed with Chronicle, Bronwyn highlighted the significant improvements in efficiency. With the new system, she can now provide instant updates and generate necessary documents on the spot, which has greatly improved their service to the community.
  • Sustainability and Resource Management: Lastly, regarding sustainability, Bronwyn noted that while they do not manage land due to the cemetery being full, Chronicle’s software has been a game-changer in resource management. The platform will allow the public to access information online, reducing the staff’s workload and improving customer service.

A Schedule Packed with Purpose


Besides the interesting dialogue, the event’s agenda was a thoughtful blend of educational and networking sessions. Participants embarked on on-site visits to mortuary and crematorium facilities, as well as engaged in technological demonstrations. Moreover, there was even a theatric performance about the local urban myth, making the ambiance more immersive and memorable.

Overall, the conference made it clear that technology like Chronicle’s software is key to the future of managing cemeteries more efficiently and sustainably. If you want to know more about how Chronicle can support you in achieving your goals through digitizing your cemetery, contact our team now.

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