Chronicle’s Digital Cemetery Mapping Service

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Discover the Power of Precision: Chronicle's Innovative Digital Cemetery Mapping

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Chronicle happy to present our digital cemetery mapping service, a comprehensive solution for cemetery and crematorium management. Our team of experts uses cutting-edge technology and innovative techniques to provide a highly accurate map of your cemetery. Whether you choose our Standard option or our Advanced option, you can rest assured that our mapping service will provide you with the best possible results.

The Standard option uses a qualified drone pilot to acquire high-resolution aerial images. Then, our experts provide colour-coded plots to clearly view cemetery spaces and cross-check all datasets for accuracy and up-to-date information. In short, this option is ideal for those who require a general overview of their cemetery.

The Advanced option includes all processes of the Standard option and goes above and beyond to provide even more detail. Our team takes photographs of every headstone and its highly-accurate GPS coordinates. We use a combination of AI and manual methods to provide interment information. Besides, it can also create boundaries of individual burial spaces by using physical ground marking. As a result, we can provide you a more accurate records, cross-checked with your old maps and records. Moreover, we even provide details of the purchaser and more into each plot, uploaded seamlessly and securely to Chronicle’s platform. Overall, this option is perfect for those who require a detailed, comprehensive map of their cemetery.

At Chronicle, we understand the importance of having an accurate and up-to-date map of your cemetery. Therefore, we offer digital cemetery mapping service to provide peace of mind and make the management of your cemetery a breeze.

Download our infographic file or visit our mapping service page to learn more about our digital cemetery mapping service.