Chronicle in 2022: Journey and success stories

chronicle in 2022

The new year 2022 is almost finished, and it is time to celebrate the new year with joy and happiness. Going through 2022 is not without a challenge, but it is worth mentioning that we have reached many targets, which we are immensely proud of doing with our Chronicle community. Before moving forward to 2023, let us look back at what we have achieved together at Chronicle in 2022:

Key Figures in 2022

key figures chronicle in 2022

Throughout 2022, we have helped small to large cemeteries digitise their cemeteries into our Chronicle online platform. More than 200 cemeteries spread across the US, Canada, and Australia (and New Zealand) have collaborated with us to serve their community a meaningful experience in engaging with their loved ones. Furthermore, we have seen 2x (two times) growth of the public user accessing our Chronicle app compared to the previous year. The average visit is roughly 2,000 numbers in a month!

The life remembered in our Chronicle app has touched more than 213K in total. In addition, we also have more than 8K of their life stories eternalised in the app. Thanks to our easy-to-use and interactive Chronicle features, the members of the community can read the information about the buried quickly through their mobile devices. Moreover, around 4 out of 10 visitors to our Chronicle app use mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets instead of desktop computers.

We have also expanded our team by about 53%,  appointed a new Sales Representative for the North American region, and moved to a bigger office! With some new team members, we are eager to improve and develop our work and services more and more in the future.

Innovation and productivity

2022 is the year where we have innovated a lot. Our goal is to provide better services for cemeteries and their communities. Thus, we have launched new features to improve the quality of our work. It is much easier for the cemeteries to schedule events on the Chronicle app by utilising the Events and Work Orders feature. Apart from that, the cemeteries can have their own QR Code of the cemetery digital map. So, their community members can access their cemetery online easily.

Moreover, we have also worked to provide a better user experience for community members with our Mobile Responsive feature. The new feature includes the Walk-to-Grave feature to locate the exact position of the grave by using GPS. In addition, we also have the Online Historic Walking Tour for the public to learn about their community’s history interactively.

new features chronicle in 2022

Last but not least, Life Chronicle is the new feature that we are really proud of! This feature allows the public to create online memorials for their loved ones in many forms, like videos, photos, and texts. We also share the benefits of each Life Chronicle submission to the cemetery as our way to support and help cemeteries improving their earnings to maintain the cemetery operations. Hopefully, Life Chronicle can revolutionise the way we commemorate and remember the people we have lost.

Check out our Release Notes for more innovations and improvements at Chronicle in 2022.

Sharing valuable knowledge and insights

events and sponsors chronicle in 2022

Once the coronavirus pandemic is not a big issue and many restrictions have been lifted, it is much easier for us to meet lovely people from the cemetery industries from several events. Special thanks to CCAV, CCANSW, and CCASA for having us as a speaker and a sponsor for the conferences they held throughout the year:

We are really grateful to come across them and talk about many aspects of cemetery maintenance and operations which we can grasp to provide better service in the future. We hope to come again next year and keep spreading inspiration to as many people as possible.

Success Stories

We have a lot of good news from our Chronicle community (and more to come!). It has been a pleasure for Chronicle in 2022 to be collaborating with them and we hope their success stories inspire others to follow in their footsteps. For instance, one of this year’s highlights is the Murray River Council’s winning the Local Government Award for the “Reporting to Your Community” category in August 2022. We could not be more proud of this achievement and happy to help other cemeteries receive such awards.

There are absolutely many other good things worth mentioning here, but those are too many to be mentioned one by one. Check out our blogs to see more about our journey and development. Apart from that, we have also received many 5 stars reviews in Capterra from our valued customers. It proves that the Chronicle app is making significant impacts on the cemeteries and their communities.

achievements chronicle in 2022

Those are what keep us eager to improve our service day by day. We would not be at this stage today if it were not because of our valued community. We thank you for making it all possible! And we look forward to working with you in the future (again!) We wish you the best this holiday season and the year to come.

If you’re ready to kick off 2023 and start (or continue) your journey with Chronicle, drop us a message, we are excited to talk to you!

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