Chronicle Coming to the ICCFA Annual Convention & Exposition 2024

Chronicle Coming to the ICCFA Annual Convention & Exposition 2024

For those working in the deathcare industry, the ICCFA Annual Convention & Exposition in Tampa in April marks a significant occasion. Held at the Tampa Convention Center from April 10–13, this conference is essential for leaders in the field who want to learn about the direction that cemetery and funeral home management is taking. It promises a comprehensive exploration of trends, innovations, and collaborative opportunities.

Event Highlights and Educational Opportunities

April 10 – Opening Day: The Expo Hall Grand Opening Reception kickstarts the event, offering an initial networking platform and a preview of the innovations reshaping our industry.

April 11 – Inspiration and Learning: Shawn Achor, as the keynote speaker, will talk about achieving success through happiness.

April 12 – Looking Ahead: Brian Solis, a digital anthropologist and futurist, will take you further in learning about digital transformation and how it impacts the deathcare sector. The schedule will include a range of sessions that explore new challenges and technological advancements.

An Invitation to Table No. 1726

This year, Chronicle is proud to contribute to the dialogue on digital transformation in the death care industry. Positioned at Table No. 1726, Chronicle will unveil cutting-edge solutions under the guidance of our CEO, Matt, and our digital cemetery expert, Rocky.

Our focus is on streamlining cemetery operations through innovative technology, aiming to simplify the complexities of cemetery management. Whether you’re navigating current challenges or looking for future solutions, Matt and Rocky are eager to share insights and explore collaborative opportunities.

For a comprehensive understanding of Chronicle’s offerings in cemetery digitization, we encourage you to book a demo with us. Let us collaborate and steer the future of the death care industry towards innovation and excellence.

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