Chronicle and Shire of Waroona: Preserving the Legacy of the Drakesbrook Public Cemetery

shire of waroona

Creating the digital mirror of the cemetery

Waroona, Australia – Chronicle has partnered with the Shire of Waroona to create a digital mirror of the Drakesbrook Public Cemetery. This groundbreaking initiative aims to preserve the legacy of the local community and history. Specifically, the project focused on creating an interactive online platform for accessing and managing the cemetery’s record and map. The result of this project is for the members of the local community to engage with their loved ones in a more meaningful way.

Moreover, Chronicle worked closely with the Shire of Waroona to create a comprehensive digital mirror of the Drakesbrook Public Cemetery. In particular, this involved capturing and compiling a database of all interments. Then, those databases were uploaded to Chronicle’s digital system. In addition, the scope of the project also included designing and developing the user interface of the interactive digital map. This is to ensure that the digital map would be easy to use and accessible to a wide audience.

First Life Chronicle Went Live

Interestingly, only a day after the cemetery went live on Chronicle’s online platform on March 13, 2023, the cemetery received its first Life Chronicle online memorial submission. Of course, this heartwarming tribute is a testament to the cemetery’s effort and the effectiveness of Chronicle’s cemetery software. Specifically, our efforts to engage the local community.

Furthermore, this digitisation project has also been published in the LG Focus Magazine. We hope that this helps spread awareness about the project. At the same time, we hope it also inspires other cemeteries to engage with their visitors in a more meaningful way. Furthermore, this project’s success has demonstrated the effectiveness of Chronicle’s cemetery software. Especially, Chronicle’s strengths in streamlining cemetery operations and creating a more engaging experience for visitors.

Overall, the Drakesbrook Public Cemetery initiative is an inspiration for other cemeteries to follow. Particularly, we encourage other cemeteries to preserve the memories of the departed and the history of the community through cemetery digitisation. Chronicle is proud to have been part of this project and to continue to develop innovative solutions to help cemeteries around the world. So, if you want to collaborate with Chronicle in creating a digital mirror of your cemeteries, you can contact us through the button below.

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