Cemetery Software Reviews: 10 Reasons Cemeteries Choose Chronicle

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Choosing the right software for running a cemetery can be a difficult decision. But with the right tools, cemeteries can access the features they need to keep their records up-to-date and their business running smoothly. Chronicle has been a leader in cemetery software for years, and there are plenty of reasons why cemeteries choose it. Thus, we have gathered a lot of Chronicle cemetery software reviews, and here are the 10 most reasons why many councils and municipalities chose Chronicle:

Affordable price

At Chronicle, we aim to help small- to medium-sized cemeteries by equipping them with the best cemetery software. Therefore, Chronicle offers cemetery software at prices that are accessible and very competitive. Not only does the Chronicle app offer competitive pricing, but it also provides advanced features tailored to meet cemeteries’ specific needs.

Furthermore, Chronicle is committed to delivering value for money, making it the perfect option for any cemetery looking for software to manage and streamline its operations. Moreover, with its features, some of our Chronicle cemetery software reviews say that Chronicle is the ideal solution for cemeteries of all sizes, offering them the best in cemetery software and allowing them to make the most of their resources.

"We chose Chronicle because Chronicle had the features we needed at an affordable cost. Many other packages we looked at had great features, but ones our small cemetery wouldn't use."
Kurt W.
Cemetery Committee President at Queen of Heaven Catholic (Colorado - U.S.)

High-quality work

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Chronicle offers cemeteries the best of the best when it comes to aerial photography and visual mapping. Thanks to our professionals who make sure each job is done right, you can trust that the attention to detail and precise execution of the work allows for accuracy and precision for the cemeteries.  

With its high-definition quality, images and mapping won’t slow down the Chronicle online experience. Nonetheless, It still remains responsive and intuitive – even when you access it from your mobile device.

“As a small cemetery with a variation of records, it has been difficult for both parties to migrate all the data accurately.”
Brian O.
Secretary at Broadford Cemetery (Victoria, Australia)

Safe and secured

At Chronicle, we make sure your cemetery’s data is encrypted and kept safe as it moves between your computer and the cloud. Furthermore, with Cloud storage, your data is even more secure than it would be stored on a home computer. Plus, we back up the system daily to make sure it’s always up-to-date and accurate.

Moreover, digitising cemetery databases into the cloud reduces the risk of data damage. Whether it’s from human mistakes, data loss, broken technology, or natural disasters, you can rest easy knowing your important data is safe and sound.

“An outstanding feature of Chronicle is its ability to manage most functions of cemetery business. We are able to use the program to record all data relating to each plot. It has eliminated our need to use multiple registers, software programs, improved the safety and integrity of data, and greatly enhanced our deceased search abilities.”
Sheryl N.
Chairperson at Warrnambool Cemetery (Victoria, Australia)

Easy-to-use and mobile-friendly

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Chronicle is 100% online and cloud-based. Therefore, it’s super easy to use, and no extra software is needed. Plus, the user interface and user experience are straightforward and simple. Therefore, you do not need to worry about complex menus or navigation. So, novices in computer software can get around our Chronicle app in a short time.

Furthermore, our streamlined design makes it easy for users to find what they’re looking for, no matter their skill level. Plus, our Chronicle app is intuitive and works great on mobile devices. In other words, teams of all sizes and expertise can use the platform so that everyone can be as productive as possible. Most of our Chronicle cemetery software reviews have proven this fact.

“This software does everything we need and more. It is called Simple Cemetery Software for a reason, and it really is simple to use, no training required.”
Dianne D.
Secretary at Ouyen Cemetery Victoria, Australia

Customisable configuration for cemetery needs

Many cemetery software has their own terms for labelling some terms on their system. Meanwhile, every cemetery has its own terms based on its needs, condition, and even regional regulations. For example, the term Rights of Interment (ROI) is widely used in Australia. Whereas the term Owner is preferable in the U.S.

At Chronicle, we get it – every cemetery is unique and has its own specific terms and labels. Thus, we offer custom adjustments to meet the cemetery’s customs and conditions. So, cemetery admins can ask for certain terms or labels for their operations. No more stressing about terminology – we’ve got you covered!

“… allowing customers to modify date format themselves as well as modify terms like "ROI Holder", "Right of Interment", as well as how we identify Section, Row, Plot.”
Kurt W.
Cemetery Committee President at Queen of Heaven Catholic Cemetery (Colorado, U.S.)

Excellent support

Many cemetery managers are senior citizens. Sometimes, most may have difficulty navigating computer software. Chronicle is fully aware of this. Therefore, we’ve prioritised providing the highest level of service by providing support and guidance to make the process easier. 

Furthermore, Chronicle is dedicated to ensuring that any questions or concerns are addressed promptly and effectively. To provide better services, our team is highly trained and professional, ensuring that customers receive the help they need.

“I did not know enough about any software or computer entry to be very competent at this but the support is quick to help. It has taken me 8 months to understand how easy they have made this job.”
Julie B.
Cemetery Manager at Alto Pass Cemetery (Illinois, U.S.)

Increase community engagement

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Our Chronicle app makes it easy for cemeteries to let people search for information about the deceased online – independently from their phones. As a result, this helps more people keep up with their loved ones’ cemetery visits, even if they can’t be there in person. From our Chronicle cemetery software reviews, our Chronicle online platform has helped many communities.

We also have a Historic Walking Tour feature to engage visitors and give them a chance to learn about the life of the community before them – helping preserve the local history. Moreover, the community can get involved with the cemetery by creating and sharing meaningful online memorials with our Life Chronicle feature for their loved ones.

“Family and friends can now see the headstone, information and location from anywhere that has internet available. A wonderful help to most.”
Julie B.
Secretary at Warracknabeal Cemetery (Victoria, Australia)

Time and cost-effective

With Chronicle’s online platform, cemetery operators can manage and access records anywhere and anytime. Accordingly, the entire process is much more convenient and efficient. Thanks to our Chronicle’s online public access, cemetery visitors are able to find information about the deceased independently and easily. This way, cemeteries have seen a 90% reduction in time spent responding to inquiries.

We’ve been able to help cemeteries save time and money – especially for ground maintenance and admin costs. The precise mapping and detailed aerial imagery help cemetery admins manage the maintenance and utility costs, avoiding costly mistakes.

“We are contacted many times a year of families seeking burial information of ancestors. Formerly we would need to consult the written records but now the needed information can be accessed online saving us time and trouble.”
Donald A.
Cemetery Trustee at Rush River in River Falls (Wisconsin, U.S.)

Always listen and act

Our team at Chronicle is always open to suggestions, and we take each piece of feedback to heart. We’re always looking for ways to make Chronicle even better, and we’re open to hearing more great ideas – especially those coming from our Chronicle cemetery software reviews!

Over time, Chronicle has grown and changed, and the feedback we get helps keep us on the path to continual improvement. Therefore, we’ve made lots of improvements and added tons of new features to make sure cemeteries get what they need.

“While the transition from paper and limited digital records has been difficult, the team at Chronicle have listened and have been very supportive and committed to both assisting us but improving their software.”
John K.
Cemetery Manager at Kangaroo Ground Cemetery (Victoria, Australia)

The community finds it useful

Feedback from the council members and their community has been nothing short of amazing. In fact, we have received the sheer number of people accessing the Chronicle app every month to do deceased searches, with an average of 2,000 numbers each month.

This is a testament to the hard work of our team, who have worked tirelessly to ensure that the Chronicle app provides a user-friendly and efficient service to our community. Hence, we’re grateful for the tremendous response and thank all our users for helping to make the Chronicle app a success.

“Chronicle provides a user-friendly experience for the customer front end for and the administration back end. Walk to grave feature promoted on our cemetery signage will allow users to find grave sites with ease and reduces phone calls to help direct public to plots.”
Benjamin C.
Business and Systems Improvement Analyst at Logan City Council (Queensland, Australia)

With so many great features, it’s no wonder cemeteries around the world are turning to Chronicle for their software needs. As we’ve seen from our Chronicle cemetery software reviews, our user-friendly interface, comprehensive features, and strong support make it the go-to choice for cemetery management. Learn more about how we work and how we can help you streamline your cemetery operations (and win an award!) with Chronicle online platform. Moreover, our consultation is free! And, you can ask everything you want to know!

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