The Role of Cemetery Software in the Funeral Industry

cemetery software funeral industry

The funeral industry is one that has to deal with many obstacles to ensure an optimal outcome. The death care industry focuses on the process of preparing those who have passed away for the burial process or for interment. We put up a resource about the role of cemetery software in the funeral industry.

Other services include wakes and cremation, but there is a very intricate structure behind each one. This includes many different operations that can become difficult to track. Moreover, the industry is growing and has important roles in the economy.

Some statistics regarding the industry in current times:

These statistics show us just how important it is to ensure that anyone involved in this industry can remain competitive while the industry continues to grow in value.

Cemetery operations; essential part of the funeral industry

All the jobs involved in the cemetery operations are crucial to ensure that the cemetery is running properly. There are public, private, and community operators with defined roles. These roles are very important for the management and maintenance of a cemetery.

Churches are a great example of service providers that are not cemetery staff, but they are a constant presence at funerals and burials. In that same way, other service providers are not involved in cemetery management, but cemeteries request their services to perform specific jobs.

What is the responsibilities of cemetery operations?

It is common for people to have a perception of what it takes to manage a cemetery. The process is much more complex than expected and this is the reason why it is essential to understand and have awareness of all the responsibilities involved.

Managing burial or interments.

The process of managing burials requires multiple parties to be involved. The family of the deceased, cemetery operators, funeral directors, vendors for headstone and monument, ground workers, and flower services are some of them.

Conducting funerals.

Conducting a funeral requires that many elements are properly orchestrated in order to ensure that the event goes smoothly. This is much easier when the cemetery administrators can make use of software that allows them to arrange, book, manage, and monitor every single service and events related to the cemetery. 

cemetery mapping software

Managing cemetery space.

Cemetery space is important to manage properly in order to ensure that potential plot buyers can see available areas. Cemetery Software with online mapping and records can give an overview of what is in the cemetery space. This is useful for cemetery operators to work together with vendors, funeral directors, and the customers (public). Moreover, some features of cemetery software make it possible to show the cemetery space online via devices without having to walk through the entire cemetery grounds.

Managing cemetery events.

Usually, cemetery is known a place reserved for burials and to visit graves. There are many cemeteries that are running all kinds of events including historic tours, exhibitions, gatherings, picnics, movie showcases, memorials, and more.

Managing cemetery records and mapping.

Mapping and cemetery records of each burial site and plot that is used or empty are crucial. Being able to have a map of every single plot location is practical. Having reliable data related to the plots is convenient, to say the least. For example, knowing the exact amount of space occupied by each plot is very useful.

Community engagement.

There are many inquiries from the families of the deceased or genealogists to expect when you are managing a cemetery and they can become difficult to track and manage properly, especially when the records are old and inaccurate. Imagine rummaging through pages of paper ledger just to find one name or one plot. The use of proper management software can be helpful to keep track of all interactions. It is definitely time-saving for cemetery admins. In addition, this helps management handle follow-ups with ease. Having a one-stop service for record-keeping, an online database, and a public access map of the cemeteries is important for engaging with the community through the cemeteries.

Preserve the history of cemeteries.

For centuries year-old cemetery, those graves and records have a very high historical value. Especially if important people are buried, such as the pioneers of the community.

How does cemetery software support cemetery operations?

Having the ability to merge the power of technology with the process of managing a cemetery is very convenient. Every single role involved in cemetery operations can benefit greatly from a cemetery management software.

Some of the roles that benefit from this software include:

  • Cemetery Managers
  • Funeral Directors
  • Stonemasons
  • Flower Service
  • Ground Workers; Park Workers, Grave Diggers

There is a long list of service providers that are part of the death care industry. This is the reason why it is of paramount importance to manage them properly. Being able to find the right kind of software solution for this purpose is no easy task. With that said, it is essential for success in modern times.

Chronicle is the perfect solution that allows you to create, manage, monitor, and share all your cemetery records and maps with ease.  The idea is to help automate many tasks and to turn cemetery management into a more streamlined and organised process. 

This means that management staff at cemeteries will get things done in a shorter period of time. That alone is a very compelling reason to incorporate this type of software into the management process as soon as possible.

Chronicle - Deceased Search​

Chronicle’s features and services include:

  • Digital plot maps with high quality satellite imaging
  • Deceased search for both administrators and visitors
  • Online records management for all burials, interments, and events
  • Stories and online obituaries
  • Optimal security with cloud based solutions
  • Certificates and reports
  • Events and work orders
  • Mobile-responsive
  • Public access (customised, optional)
  • Auto-add headstone photos
  • 3rd party integrations

Final thoughts

The best way to ensure that the community receives a proper service for important events such as death of the loved ones, burials and space, grieves and memories, is to merge the use of technology with human warmth.

This is why Chronicle is constantly updating and upgrading the technology utilised for this purpose. The idea is to make life easier for everyone involved in the process of death care and funeral services. The software is powerful yet easy to use for cemetery managers and staffs, also reliable for the public to use.

cemetery records management and mapping software

The right digital cemetery software gives you accurate, reliable data and greatly reduces the risk of mistakes. In many municipalities or states in countries around the world, cemeteries are now required to meet certain criteria in terms of data accuracy, accessibility, protection and security.  Chronicle’s cemetery management software, with its secure, cloud-based platform, meets the regulations from the Office of the Victorian Information  Commissioner (OVIC) in Australia.

An efficient, intuitive, digital cemetery map offers you the time and capacity to do things that matter – engaging with your community while preserving and sharing its legacy.

An online cemetery optimises the way your cemetery functions while helping to boost plot sales, brings more people to your cemetery and helps to share the history on which your community is built. Preserving community stories digitally, Chronicle’s cemetery software offers a safe and secure place for the history of the people who made your community to live on.

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