Cemetery Signage Design

Your digital cemetery records and maps needs a proper way to be shared with your cemetery visitors and community. We want every cemetery to have an online records and maps, and for the public to enjoy it too. Chronicle offers a service to design your cemetery signage with graphic of maps and QR code to your online cemetery. 

Cemetery Signage Design Service

Standard Poster

A4 standard design with template from Chronicle

Your cemetery name

QR Code & URL to your cemetery map

*For Chronicle customer only

QR Sign Plaque
AU $300*

220x370mm, 2mm aluminium, powder coated (textured grey) and engraved

Standard design with template from Chronicle

QR Code & URL to your cemetery map

For cemetery in Australia only

*Exclude postage + GST per delivery

Custom Sign Board
AU $600/ US $450

Fully customised design from Chronicle template with 3x max. revision

Your cemetery name and information, logo, graphic of maps

QR Code & URL to your cemetery map

Benefits of having a Signage for your cemetery

  • Better Customer Service. Cemetery visitors will be able to quickly scan QR code or go to Chronicle map link and do deceased search.
  • Less Admin Work. Direct visitors to use your cemetery public online records and maps (by Chronicle) independently.
  • Walk-to-Grave. Visitors can do Walk-to-Grave to a burial plot using their mobile phone, guided by GPS.
  • Professional Look. Give a professional look for your cemetery.

Please note that the Standard Poster and Custom Sign Board Design service is for the design only (the outcome will be in PNG, PDF format). The physical board is not included.

For the QR Sign Plaque, only the physical plaque is included (without the tripod).

Fill in the form to request our signage design service and we will get back to you shortly.

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