Cemetery Management Software Comparison: Pros and Cons

cemetery management software comparison

Managing a cemetery is a complex task that requires attention to detail and careful organisation. Fortunately, there are a variety of cemetery management software options available to help streamline this process. In this cemetery management software comparison, we will explain what you should know before you decide to buy it.


cemetery management software comparison

Chronicle is a cloud-based software that provides cemetery management solutions to cemeteries of all sizes, including community, religious, historical, private, and public (council and municipal), as well as single and multiple cemeteries. With the interactive digital cemetery mapping, the software offers an easy-to-use and mobile-friendly online platform that allows cemetery managers to build, track, manage, and organise database records, and even online plot sales. Chronicle’s innovative features also allow the public to view general information about the interred, share online memorials of their loved ones, and locate the position of graves with GPS. With all of those fantastic capabilities, Chronicle is, of course, our top recommendation if you are looking for powerful cemetery management software.

Featured cemetery map: Warrnambool Cemetery (AU)
and Artesia Cemetery (US)


  • Chronicle allows unlimited users to access and manage cemetery records.
  • It has a clean and user-friendly interface that is easy to navigate, even for non-technical users.
  • Chronicle features a high-quality GIS image for an interactive aerial view of the cemetery, making it easier to locate graves and cemetery features.
  • It is regularly updated based on customer feedback to stay up-to-date with industry standards and trends.
  • Product training is available to help users utilise all the software’s features.
  • Chronicle provides comprehensive cemetery management features compared to competitors.
  • It is mobile-friendly, allowing administrators and the public to update cemetery information and view details on the go.
  • Chronicle allows for quick data migration in as little as three months.


  • Due to the frequent updates, some features may still be in development or not yet perfect.
  • While Chronicle offers extensive features, some cemeteries may not require or use all of them, making the software potentially more complex than necessary.


cemsites cemetery management software comparison

The next software to look at in this cemetery software management comparison is CemSites. CemSites is cemetery management software that offers digital mapping, burial search, financial management, document management, community engagement, marketing, image storage, and work order management tools. It is designed to cater to different cemetery types and is a comprehensive solution for cemetery owners looking to manage and monetise their services.

Cemetery’s map example: South Florida Jewish Cemetery


  • User-friendly interface.
  • Burial search tool with photos, obituaries, and condolences.
  • Flexible plan options.
  • Advanced features like digital mapping and e-commerce integration.
  • Multiple training options.


  • Low-quality aerial images.
  • Limited grave mapping access for some clients.
  • No pricing details on the website.
  • Google Maps integration lacks a detailed zoom-in feature.
  • Interment records are not accessible online for the public in the mobile version.
  • Walking Direction goes to Google Maps.
  • View Memorial only redirects to the Homepage.
  • Serves as a transit page to Google Maps coordinated plot.


cemify cemetery management software comparison

Cemify is cemetery management software that offers comprehensive solutions for managing cemetery data. It is a flexible and affordable option for smaller cemeteries that only require data management, as mapping is not a requirement. It offers grave search, lot mapping, work order management, document management, image storage, record management, inventory tracking, sales and payment tracking, and a public cemetery website. Cemify provides users with the ability to upload maps, generate reports, and set task and email reminders, invoices, and receipts. It offers 24/7 live support and live online training sessions.

Cemetery’s map example: Mt. Hope Cemetery


  • Flexible and affordable for smaller cemeteries.
  • Offers services for data management and tracking, including grave search, work order management, and inventory tracking.
  • Allows users to upload maps, generate reports, and set reminders, invoices, and receipts
  • Provides 24/7 live support for technical issues outside business hours
  • Offers live online training sessions for efficient user onboarding


  • Essential features are only available as add-ons, which can increase the software’s cost.
  • No colour-coded plots or interactive digital maps to distinguish different graves or sections.
  • No option to show the direction to a grave, only zooming in and out to show the location.
  • No online memorial feature is available.
  • The mobile version is a scaled-down version of the desktop software with no dedicated mobile link.


cims cemetery management software comparison

CIMS is the next software that we should inspect in this cemetery management software comparison. Moreover, CIMS Cemetery Software simplifies cemetery operations with its comprehensive management software. While the software has many benefits, including excellent customer service, integration with popular business tools, and useful functionality such as 360+ drone imaging, it’s important to consider the drawbacks, such as a high price point and a confusing user experience.

Cemetery’s map example: Hillside Cemetery


  • Excellent customer service with quick response time within 24 hours.
  • Integrated with popular business tools such as Quickbooks and Salesforce for streamlined accounting and records management.
  • 360+ drone imaging functionality provides a bird’s eye view of the cemetery, simplifying tree and vegetation management.
  • Google navigation option offers directions to specific plots, making them accessible for visitors.
  • Fast loading time with no lag time when zooming in on the mobile view.


  • Starting price point is considerably higher than the average market price.
  • The lack of a comprehensive manual for the cloud version may require increased phone support.
  • Digital maps can be confusing, as all plots have the same colour, making navigation less smooth.
  • The search function can be frustrating, as there are too many instructions on how to use it effectively.
  • The mapping may not be aesthetically pleasing on the mobile view.


opusxenta cemetery management software comparison

OpusXenta is a software solution designed to help cemetery administrators manage their business operations efficiently. It offers various tools like customer relationship management, marketing automation, document automation, inventory management, and finance management to simplify complex workflows.

Cemetery’s map example: Ballarat Cemeteries


  • It provides customer interactions management, track leads, and monitor sales pipelines easily.
  • high-quality GIS images for accurate mapping and inventory management.


  • OpusXenta’s public-facing portal does not allow visitors to take cemetery tours or search for plots by ID.
  • The mapping feature in OpusXenta does not show information when a plot is clicked.
  • The pricing is not disclosed, and cemetery administrators must contact the company for pricing details.


plotbox cemetery management software comparison

In this cemetery management software comparison list, we want to include PlotBox in the game. PlotBox is a software solution that helps big-sized cemeteries manage their operations effectively. The software offers various products and services, including records management, deeds management, plot management, public portal, scheduling, verified mapping, memorials management, accounting, work orders, and CRM for sales. Additionally, the company provides training and support services such as a user manual, help centre guides, FAQs, forums, remote support, and on-site training with a PlotBox expert.

Cemetery’s map example: Centennial Park


  • The software offers a fully integrated mapping system that simplifies cemetery operations.
  • It can integrate with clients’ existing software, reducing the need for new hardware or software.
  • The software can be customised to clients’ unique needs.
  • Comprehensive training and support services are available, including online resources and on-site training with a PlotBox expert.
  • The company has support from five branch offices in different locations, which makes it easier for clients to access support and services.
  • An online memorial is available.


  • The software may not be suitable for small cemeteries due to its cost.
  • The software does not offer colour-coded plot information, and the accuracy of self-supplied data can vary.
  • The software has many functions, which may require a longer onboarding process for new users.
  • The mobile UI can be slow and have loading issues.
  • The layout and font sizing of the burial record can be confusing.
  • The software only offers pinned points to show burial locations on an ESRI map.
  • The direction feature is directed to Google Maps and is not integrated into the software.



WebCemeteries is a cloud-based software company that specialises in cemetery management, providing products that help computerise paper records, generate sales leads, and enhance the customer experience for small to large-sized cemeteries. Their products include scanning and data entry, mapping, public application, website design, and mobile application. WebCemeteries is known for its immersive Cemetery360 ground-level views of the property, which provides an additional layer of experience for visitors.

Cemetery’s map example: Cedar Hill Cemetery


  • WebCemeteries offers a branded app for Apple and Android that allows visitors to engage with the cemetery using mobile devices.
  • An immersive ground-level view of the property with Cemetery360.
  • WebCemeteries offers online memorials for digital tributes.
  • Load time is fast on mobile devices.


  • WebCemeteries only allow public viewers to search for occupied plots.
  • There is limited information on WebCemeteries’ website, particularly for pricing, training, and support.
  • There is no information available on Captera or Getapp for WebCemeteries.
  • WebCemeteries does not offer cemetery tours in some cemeteries.

Pontem Software

pontem software

The last cemetery management software that must be included in this cemetery management software comparison is Pontem, which has been around for about 30 years in the industry. Pontem cemetery software is a digital solution designed to simplify the management of cemetery records and resources. The software provides an intuitive interface that enables administrators and staff to easily navigate and utilise its features for managing burial plots and assignments. Pontem offers offline functionality, making it a great choice for cemeteries with limited connectivity.

No cemetery’s map example available.


  • Pontem’s interface allows staff to manage records and resources easily.
  • The software streamlines record-keeping tasks for accurate records of burials, interments, and grave locations.
  • Pontem provides a digital map for staff to locate graves and manage assignments quickly.
  • The software can be used offline, which is beneficial for cemeteries with limited connectivity.


  • Pontem requires desktop installation, which may require additional effort and resources.
  • Desktop installation may limit public access to cemetery data.
  • Pontem may lack reporting and analytics capabilities for some cemetery management processes.
  • The software cannot be viewed on mobile devices.

Which cemetery management software is the best for you?

In conclusion, cemetery management software can significantly streamline the complex task of managing a cemetery. The software options evaluated in this post have unique features that cater to the varying needs of different cemeteries. By weighing the pros and cons of each software option based on the key criteria, you can choose the best software that meets their specific needs and budget. However, as we mentioned earlier, we highly recommend Chronicle as the top choice for your cemetery management software. We provides extensive features and the best user experience ever with affordable prices for cemetery of all sizes. If you want to know more about how we can help you streamline your cemetery operations without breaking your bank account, shoot as a message.

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