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Chronicle Webinar: Cemetery Design in 21st Century

Natural burial is not a new concept in some parts of the world. But the idea is getting more and more positive attention from the cemetery industry, not excluding Australia.

Kevin Hartley, CEO of Earth Funerals, has been one of the pioneers in natural burial practices for the past 4 years, advocating the idea of a more meaningful burial experience for the passed loved ones while giving back to our Earth. In this webinar, you will find out from Kevin why, as a cemetery manager or funeral director, you should pay attention to natural burials. Are all-natural burials equal?

You will also meet David Neustein, Director of Other Architects, Australia’s leading contemporary funerary architecture. David is at the forefront of innovation for thoughtfully designed cemeteries, pursuing new types of engagement experiences for the more genuine ecological sustainability.

Together with Matt Borowski, the founder of Chronicle Cemetery Software, this webinar will focus on rebooting the system, how our industry can redefine the experience of visiting a cemetery to be more meaningful and suitable for an ecological age.

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