Cemetery Design in 21st Century

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Chronicle Webinar: Cemetery Design in 21st Century

What's included in this webinar?

Natural burial is an increasingly popular and sustainable option for those looking for a final resting place in some parts of the world, including Australia. Specifically, from cemeteries to wildlife preserves, natural burial offers an alternative to traditional burial that is both ecologically responsible and cost-effective. Therefore, we invited two guest speakers in related fields to learn more about this unique and meaningful way to say goodbye.

Meet the speakers!

  • Firstly, Kevin Hartley, the CEO of Earth Funerals is one of our guest speakers for this occasion. Moreover, for the past four years, he has been working on natural burial practices. Furthermore, he believes that funerals should be meaningful for the passed loved ones and be beneficial for the Earth. Moreover, he explained why cemetery managers and funeral directors should pay attention to natural burials and if all-natural burials are equal in this webinar.
  • Secondly, we invited David Neustein, the Director of Other Architects, a company in Australia that designs modern funeral buildings. On top of that, David is working on creating better ways to make cemeteries more environmentally friendly. Moreover, he is also looking for new ways to make people feel more connected to the cemetery. Specifically, in this webinar, he shared his two cents about cemeteries and the environment.
  • Lastly, meet our Chronicle’s Founder, Matt Borowski! In this occasion, he talked about restarting the system in the cemetery industry. Specifically, he discussed how the cemetery business can change the way people visit cemeteries. Ultimately, cemetery industries can create a more meaningful and appropriate natural burials for the environment.

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