Cemetery Design and Planning

Make the best out of your cemetery’s burial spaces and earn more!

Benefits of our cemetery design and planning services


Increase profits

Earn extra millions of dollars from new plots and unused places.


Identify new opportunities

Unlock the maximum potential of your cemetery spaces and assets.


Develop business strategies

Improve inventory analysis to map out strategies for a sales plan.

Our cemetery design and planning services

Land Use Analyses

  • Identify the potential of a cemetery to gain more profits by examining the existing cemetery land features.
  • Provide full details maps of the available lands of the cemetery which potentially generate more revenue.
  • Develop revenue strategy by analysing the current pricing and business model.
  • Determine the most beneficial areas of the cemetery to develop using predictive models.
  • Implement an efficient project plan for sales and burials.

Large Development Projects

  • Beautify the cemetery landscape by providing consultation in horticulture and garden space services.
  • Liaise and collaborate with vendors such as landscape architects, landscape construction companies, suppliers, and many more.
  • Develop a Cemetery Master Plan to determine a fixed time frame for the development project.
  • Create sales plans and web apps to preview all development areas as well as for sales and inventory purposes.

Meet Stephen!
Consultant for Cemetery Design and Planning at Chronicle

Stephen Chiavaroli, a Certified GIS Professional (GISP) and experienced Cemetery GIS and Development & Strategic Planning Consultant, boasts a wealth of knowledge with a strong background in Environmental Science and a Master’s Degree in GIS. Furthermore, he has years of experience providing in-depth Cemetery mapping and planning solutions. Additionally, he is a revolutionary and leading figure in Cemetery Planning & Development, paving the way to strategically analyze cemetery grounds by maximizing available land and unlocking increased revenue for any cemetery.

Moreover, Stephen is an avid Cemetery GIS evangelist and an active member of many Professional Organizations, including the North East Arc Users Group (NEARC), the Massachusetts Cemetery Association, the New England Chapter of URISA, and the New England Cemetery Association. In addition, he has travelled around the US, networking and sharing his work at many conferences, such as the ESRI User Conference in San Diego, ESRI Infrastructure & Management Conference in Palm Springs, and American Public Gardens Association Conference in Washington, DC. Furthermore, Stephen has been invited as a keynote speaker for several notable cemetery conferences, such as the Virtual Fall NEARC Conference 2021, New England Cemetery Association Management Seminar 2021, and the New England Cemetery Association 119th Annual Meeting and Conference 2022.

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