Funding for Cemetery: How to Secure and Use Them

funding for cemetery

This blog post will guide you through different sources of funding for cemetery preservation and maintenance, how to secure these funds, and their best possible utilization for cemetery preservation and maintenance. We also share tips for you to apply for the grants. We will also explore the pivotal role technology is playing in advancing cemetery care.

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Top 10 Cemetery Software Features

top 10 cemetery software features

In the digital age, technology has become an indispensable part of our lives, extending even to the cemetery industry. Utilizing modern cemetery management software can significantly improve the efficiency of operations and enhance the visitor experience. Chronicle, pioneering in this sector, incorporates a range of essential cemetery software features to facilitate a seamless management experience.

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Migrate from Legacy Mark to Chronicle Cemetery Software

migrate from legacy mark to chronicle

Cemetery management, much like every sector, is undergoing a technological evolution. We have come a long way since the days of paper records and manual mapping. Today, we have software platforms like LegacyMark and Chronicle leading the charge. However, as with every industry, there is a constant push to adapt to the latest and most efficient tools. This raises a pertinent question for many cemeteries: “Why should you migrate from LegacyMark to Chronicle?

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Choosing the Ideal Digital Cemetery Management Software

digital cemetery management

Managing a cemetery involves handling vast data, which can be overwhelming when using traditional paper methods. Digital cemetery management software offers an efficient solution, but choosing the right fit from numerous options can be challenging. This blog aims to guide you in selecting the ideal software by outlining the crucial aspects to consider.

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