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Chronicle has revolutionised cemetery
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st paul lutheran

Digitising St. Paul Lutheran Cemetery for Effectiveness and Efficiency

Location: Yorktown, Texas, US. Cemetery operations are easier with digital records and maps. Learn more about the journey of St. Paul Lutheran Cemetery in digitising the cemetery.
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Chronicle- Japanese cemetery

Tailored Community Cemetery Software – Digitising the Japanese Cemetery of Colma

Map and records search: Japanese Cemetery. Location: Colma, California, US. Learn how a Japanese community in Colma digitise their Cemetery Records and Map, and utilise Story features to preserve the history.
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st vincent depaul

Revived Spirit at St. Vincent DePaul Catholic Cemetery

Over 150 years old, the St. Vincent DePaul Catholic Parish cemetery is a longstanding institution and integral part of the Elkhart community of Indiana. Regarding its maintenance and management, it has largely been run with the help of volunteers.
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Cootamundra Gundagai Council Cemetery

Digitising Legacy – Cootamundra Gundagai Regional Council New South Wales (NSW)

Map and records search: Cootamundra Gundagai Regional Cemetery Location: New South Wales, Australia Digitalised cemetery records Physical survey of the cemetery grounds Interactive online cemetery map 24/7 online access to plot/cemetery information
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Digitising Murray River Council Cemeteries – Better Engagement with the Community

For the Murray River Council in Australia, digitising their 6 cemeteries smoothly and accurately was completed in just 3 months. Understanding the needs of their community and their own requirements, they collaborated with Chronicle to produce an innovative and creative solution for their needs and standards.
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Paths to Progress – How Municipal Cemeteries Digitised their Processes

It has taken a global pandemic for governments to realise just how much cemetery records and maps can be digitised and simplified using appropriate platforms. However, some sectors tend to lag behind in the wake of progress - municipal cemeteries.
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