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Chronicle has revolutionised cemetery
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How Accurate Cemetery Records Search Can Boost Your Plot Sales

Most cemetery managers have begun to realise that going digital is a necessity. The reasons for doing so may vary depending on the individual – or the team – but
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Cemetery Revolutions – How Natural Burial in Australia Can Realign Perception

Eco-friendly alternatives to traditional burial are becoming increasingly popular today. Previously, we’ve discussed the environmental and health impacts of traditional burial which tends to involve embalming and the use of
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Within the Green Burial – A Natural Way Back to Earth

Within the Green Burial – A Natural Way Back to Earth Unless science or some other form of modern-day magic can stop death in its tracks, we’re all going to
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How to Manage Cemetery Plot Template with Digital Platform

How to Manage Cemetery Plot Template in Digital Platform Whether you’re new to cemetery management or you’ve been in the game for as long as you can remember, managing your
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How Going Digital Helped Transform a Centuries-Old Community Cemetery

Originally featured in ICCFA’s Memento Mori vol. March-April 2021 Original article can be found, here(linked) DEATH IS INEVITABLE, and so is change. With our feet firmly planted in the digital
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Space for Cemetery Software System in Unique Funeral Traditions Around the World

Death and taxes, they say, are inevitable. But that tells us nothing of the innovative and curious ways in which death is “celebrated” across the world. Yes, death signifies the
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