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8 Best Cemetery Management Software Compared 2020

Having the right tools at your disposal to perform your job efficiently is priceless. For cemetery management, we’re becoming increasingly aware of the need to progress from using paper ledgers
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A Story Behind the Coffin Dance: The Most Viral Funeral Dance | Chronicle

A Story Behind the Coffin Dance: Most Viral Funeral Dance in 2020

While we’re all dealing with a pandemic, the coffin dance meme becomes a lol-worthy way of putting a spin on the gloomy atmosphere of this year.
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Cemetery Mapping Problems | Blog Post | Best Cemetery Mapping Software | Chronicle

Cemetery Mapping Problems and How to Organize it

6 Cemetery Mapping Problems: Cemetery Maps So Inconsistent Paper Records Add to Cemetery Mapping Problems The Tragedy of Compounding Errors Eclipse Excel with Great Cemetery Management Software Share Memories Instantly
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8 Reasons You Should Stop Using Excel for Cemetery Management | Cemetery Software 1 | Chronicle

8 Reasons You Should Stop Using Excel for Cemetery Management

While spreadsheets have plenty of advantages for the typical user, worksheets for a cemetery business is another thing entirely. I think we all can agree, spreadsheets are superior to manual, handwritten records. However, managing your cemetery business with spreadsheets in the 21st century is not enough.
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Ultimate Guide to Cemetery Grants in Victoria, Australia 1 | Chronicle

Ultimate Guide to Cemetery Grants in Victoria, Australia

Most people think of cemeteries and graveyards as merely a location where the remains of their loved ones are buried. Yet, for those attending to a cemetery or graveyard understand the considerable amount of care, attention to detail, and rehabilitation one requires. Undoubtedly this means a significant amount of money will at some point be the means to a solution to an unforecasted problem.
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Share Community History using cemetery software | Chronicle

Chronicle The History Of Your Community

The public can access interesting stories as they walk through your cemetery and connect with the local history.
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