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Chronicle has revolutionised cemetery
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Chronicle: The First Australian Company to Receive KIP Award from ICCFA

Chronicle has been recognised with an Honourable Mention in the 2022 ICCFA KIP Awards, competing in the Supplier category for its Innovative Personalised Product.
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memorial day

Celebrate Memorial Day with Cemetery Innovative Technology

In this article, we will explore more about how technology has shaped in paying tributes and honouring those who served the country in a more meaningful way.
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interment industry scheme nsw illustration

Complying with Interment Industry Scheme with Chronicle

The interment industry plays a crucial role in honoring the departed and providing solace to grieving families. As the industry evolves, so do the regulations governing it.
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cemetery management software comparison

Cemetery Management Software Comparison: Pros and Cons

Before you buy a cemetery management software, you should consider some essential things based on your needs. Read this blog to learn more.
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cemetery website

Why it is Important to Have a Cemetery Website and to Digitise Your Cemetery Business

Are you still hesitant in creating a cemetery website? Here are some benefits of having a website with digital cemetery management software.
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A-Digital-Makeover_-Beechworth-Cemeterys-Success-Story-1 (1) smart cemeteries

Smart Cemeteries: Its Applications and Benefits

Smart cemeteries, or "smart graveyards," are a new concept that integrates technology into the traditional cemetery experience.
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