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Chronicle has revolutionised cemetery
database software

Chronicle is Featured as one of the Best Mapping Service Companies (Australia)

The article showcases’s top picks for the best Australia-based Mapping Services companies. The startups and companies listed are taking a variety of approaches to innovate the Mapping Services industry, but
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Getting to know Tom DiCiurcio
Chronicle’s Sales Associate (US region)

Tell us a little bit about yourselfMy career spans a significant period, I spent 19+ years in the world of Accounting and Finance and then moved into the Cemetery Industry
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9 Reasons Why Your Cemetery Records and Data Are Safer in the Cloud

Information stored in the cloud is likely to be more secure than that stored on your own devices. Here are 9 ways Chronicle cemetery software provides data safety and privacy
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cemetery software funeral industry

The Role of Cemetery Software in the Funeral Industry

The role of cemetery software in the funeral industry especially in the cemetery operations and various aspects of cemetery management
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Event and Work Orders Admin Tools: New Chronicle Cemetery Software Feature

Our latest update feature that allows you to create and manage your cemetery’s events and work orders easily and efficiently.
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Spot On – A Complete Guide to Cemetery Mapping

The digital revolution has not forgotten cemeteries. There are options to consider if you’re thinking of digitising your cemetery and simplifying your process while ensuring accurate mapping.
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