Online Auto-Add
Headstone Photo Service

We instantly add online photos of your cemetery headstones to each plot so you don’t have to do it yourself.

The headstone is an important physical monument that helps us to remember the deceased. Adding these photos to Chronicle helps our community relate to our digital cemetery and gives the cemetery management an extra tool for verifying information.

Create an Immersive Online Experience with
Headstone Photos

Save Time Taking Photos

Instantly add thousands of photos. Save time on the groundwork of taking headstone photos one by one that could take weeks or even months!

Auto-add up to 90%*

We use the information uploaded by your community to various online sources and merge it into your online cemetery with Chronicle.

Budget Friendly

Pay only as many headstone photos available that we can match, link, and upload to each burial of your cemetery.

Happy Community

Families are happy to see the beautiful visual with a headstone photo of their loved ones’ on the online cemetery plot in Chronicle.

Testimonial about our Headstone Photo

“Chronicle’s professional look makes a huge difference. When people see the (online) plot of their family, they thank us for taking the picture and uploading it there, it’s very nice.”

Janelle Chapman
Cootamundra-Gundagai Regional Council

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

This service is different than our (Headstone Photo and Grave Coordinate Survey). The process for this service is we extract headstone photos and details that are uploaded by your community and the kind citizens of the internet to various online sources. Because the process is all online, it’s quick, but limited to its availability. We can’t guarantee to get 100% of headstone photos for all burials.

Depending on the availability of photos stored in online repositories, most cemeteries have between 50% to 90% of plots in the cemetery. Some might not have any online photos available. Therefore, we advise you to fill in our form and we can check how many photos are available and the approximate cost.

You will only be charged for photos that can be matched with your Chronicle cemetery records.

The starting price is $550 is the price for 1,000 photos (or less) that we matched and added, not for each of your occupied burial spaces. So if you have 3,000 burials and we can add 1,500 photos, then you are only charged for those ones we add (1,500/1,000 * $550), so the cost would be $825.

Depending on how many photos we can match, typically it’s 5-7 working days to get it all uploaded to your Chronicle cemetery records because even though sourcing it online is quick, the process of matching, verifying, and validating them with the cemetery records data takes both digital and manual approach to make sure it’s accurate.


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