Chronicle - murray river webinar

Chronicle Webinar: Exploring the Decision for Online Cemetery Software Solutions for Australia Council Cemetery

Access our webinar special session for Australia Council and Local Government Authorities with Guest Speaker, Sandy Paterson, Business Intelligence Manager of Murray River Council where we cover:

  • The process of digitising its 6 cemeteries within 3 months, from assessing the needs of cemetery software and services, to training staffs to use the cemetery software for their operations.
  • Why do cemetery database and mapping project take too long to progress or keeps getting postponed to the next period? Compare the pros and cons of achieving all efficiencies by outsourcing the project vs doing it in-house; the case study of Murray River Council in working with an outsourced cemetery software team.
  • Insights among like-minded cemetery managers who are facing the similar problems. As you might already hear from the preview; the question from Michelle. Find the answer by watching the full version.

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