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Cemetery Digitisation Project Interview with Antonio Mendoza, General Manager of Artesia District Cemetery, California, US

The Artesia Cemetery is one of the county’s oldest cemeteries. Operated and owned by the Artesia Cemetery District, Artesia Cemetery has recorded burials since the 1860s, including the early settlers and pioneers of Los Angeles County.

Managing records of the cemetery can be challenging because the cemetery has burial records since over a century ago. Therefore, a better way to improve the operations of the cemetery is needed. In this webinar, we talked about these concerns with Artesia Cemetery, and these were what we had covered:

  • The problems that drive Artesia Cemetery in digitising their cemetery, and what Chronicle has to offer to help Artesia Cemetery fix those problems.
  • The process of Chronicle in digitising the cemetery by improving the accuracy of the plot maps and records from the cemetery in a considerably short time.
  • How the visitors of Artesia Cemetery can access the information and location of their loved ones easily with Chronicle’s features from their smartphones.

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